Friday, April 28, 2006

Fun with Statcounter

Since the season began, and normal people - people who don't follow every minor transaction on the offseason - started tuning into in to Red Sox baseball again, the readership of this site has changed immensely. I say "readership" in the loosest sense, because it's pretty clear most of these new visitors aren't here to read. Instead, about 15%-25% of our hits are people looking for naked pictures of Hazel Mae. Thanks mostly to this post, made by X when he was very bored (and quite possibly drunk), the GYS Network is now the first site you get when googling "hazel mae boobs". And that is something a lot of people do; we've gotten 4 hits in the last day from that particular search. (Incidentally, the second site from the same search provides is an interesting read, describing Hazel Mae as being in a "dead-but-fuckable pose". Seriously.) "Hazel mae naked", "hazel mae breasts", and "hazel mae nude" are also quite popular. Some people like to type in questions: "Are Hazel Mae's breasts real?". But I think my favorite search term of the ones I've seen is "boobs of hazel mae"; not sure why I find that hilarious, but I do.

Well, I guess you get web traffic any way you can. I mean, obviously we aren't going to get us any readers from the quality of our Red Sox commentary, or our predictions. So if our only option is to make empty promises about topless pictures of hot C-list celebs, so be it.

Other interesting tidbits:
  • Since Kris Benson was traded to Baltimore, people pretty much stopped coming here looking for Anna Benson photos. I think her 15 minutes of fame - which unfortunately for us stretched into a year or so - are up.
  • Ben Grieve has a posse. 1-2% of our hits are from people trying to figure out what happened to him (mostly from this search).
  • Jeff Passan also has a posse. We get a fair number of hits from searches of his name, mostly from Dino's inexplicably titled post "Reading Jeff Passan is like snorting coke off the back of Anna Benson's naked body". At least one such visit was by Jeff Passan himself, who has the admirable ability to laugh at stuff like that. Strangely, over the next couple weeks random people kept finding that post, ranting about him in the comments section. One person (possibly Mr. Passan himself?) even got there by googling "jeff passan snorting coke anna benson". Terrifyingly, GYS is not the only site that comes up from that search.


  1. It looks like Earl is not the only that is bored on this Friday.

    A couple of thoughts/updates:

    My original post was not made when I was drunk - that was at 5:04 PM. Possible to be drunk at that point, but sadly I was not.

    Also sadly, the worlds ugliest dog has died.

    Lots of options for how to google Hazel Mae - the Boobs of Hazel Mae, yes that is very amusing. Like Sons of Sam Horn. Sort of. I guess.

    Speaking of Benson (and yeah I wonder how Anna's 15 minutes become like 15 months), interesting that Kris has pitched quite well when we all predicated he would, well suck.

    I was never able to find my data on league jumpers - but a few more interesting ones include Benson and Sydney Ponson. Without Benson I would say this is more proof the NL is way suckier than the AL. I still believe it, I just have a harder time backing it up now.

    I think the Jeff Passan snorting coke anna benson search was me. I was playing with google that day.

    Thanks for the update. I only have about an hour before I leave work and fulfill my promise to get drunk tonight.

  2. Wow, you're really excited about this "getting drunk" thing. What's the occasion?

  3. Yeah, its been a while since I've tied one on - but my wife planned a little get together so I figured it was time to go for it. Not many opportunities since the bambino was born.

    Two thoughts on tonight's game so far:

    I think we know why Trot does not play against lefties. He just does not look comfortable up there.

    Joey Gathright sure can get down the line.

    My wife was pretty curious about how close Papi was sitting to Cora on the bench including having his arm around him.

  4. Wow this game sucks. I guess I better go out and get drunk.

  5. Even though its 5-0, I smell a comeback.

  6. 1) that could be just your own urine you're smelling.
    2) I'm disappointed you're still able to type.

  7. I'm pacing myself.

    I am also a bit worried about what kind of web traffic your urine comment will bring.

    Speaking of web traffic.

  8. About half of my blog's web traffic is from being the #5 result on google image seaching "Michelle Damon." Scarily, it used to be 75% of my traffic.

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