Saturday, April 15, 2006


(a followup to this.)


  1. Perspective:

    YES Network - 3,408 replays showing (maybe) that Mauer never tagged Posada.

    FSN MN - At least 4 replays of Ford setting to be in position to make the throw.

  2. Speaking of the Yanks, it seems they got jealous of the Sox having a guy named Pena who strikes out a lot, so went out and got one of their own. Andy Phillips must be thrilled.

  3. Two thoughts on this:

    1) Only the Yankees would give $1.25MM to a guy who has been cut and basically has no job. With any other team, isn't it like a minor league contract. Or $500 grand at most?

    2) It must be demoralizing to be a young yankee. First, Bubba Crosby was told he would be the starting CF, they spend $52 MM on Damon. Now, its Andy Phillips turn.

  4. Yeah, your best bet as a young Yankee is to hope that some overpriced FA (Womack, Wright) turns out to be a major bust, and they have no other choice but give you a shot.