Thursday, April 20, 2006

Schilling and the Rocket

I haven't seen this written about anywhere, but last night in the post game interview, Schilling gave a 2-minute shout out to Clemens. For the most part, it was an open invitation to return to baseball.

Now...with that said...

If Clemens were to return, when would he have to resume "baseball activities"? I would think within the next couple of weeks (like 2-3 weeks).

What could Roger take from this season so far?

That the Sox are finding ways to win the games where they don't score a lot of runs. That they are playing ridiculous defense. And that there pen is strong. Also, the Sox have ridiculous depth at almost every position. That Schilling, Beckett, Clemens would be an unbelievable combination of starters.

Conclusion? The Sox could very easily contend for the Series this year.

But, what else?

That Houston is off to a 10-5 start. That without leaving Texas he could also contend. That if he joined the Astros in the NL, that they could possibly run away with the pennant.

However, is winning the NL enough?
Are the Astros strong enough to win the series?
Are the Sox?
And let's not forget the Wild Card NY Yankees. They will need pitching. Randy Johnson (let's finally face it) will NEVER return to the dominating guy he was for the entire season. Mussina will not hold up for the entire season. Chacon is already out of the rotation, and Aaron Small won't save them. Also, too many teams will be in contention for the Yankees to go and trade for someone...Basically, Roger could get $20MM for half a season from NY.

But, I have to say that Schill might swing the vote. Schill is setting a silly pace for the rest of the pitchers in the league. Last year Roger did that. Schill can tell Roger what it is like to win a WS in Boston. He can play that sentimental card. And, let's face it, the Sox would run away with Clemens in the rotation. As it has been said many times before, Roger would come full circle in his career and wrap it up with a championship in Boston.

Where would you go?


  1. Schill, Josh, Rocket, Wake, Matt. Wow. In print it looks even better than it sounds! Holy leap year, Batman.

  2. If I'm clemens I stay home and pitch for HOU, where they let me not even come to the park on days I'm not pitching nor do I have to travel with the team unless I'm pitching as well.

    Of course since I have always been a whore for the $$$, I most certainly will use the negotiations with the two richest teams as well as the owner that gave out the richest contract in the history of sports, to extort as much $$ as possible from HOU.

    Sure it would be a great fairly tale for him to finish where he started, I just can't help but think that it is just that - a fairy tale.

  3. The primary difference between the teams as I see it, though, is that Houston has a worse chance of maintaining their lead than the Sox. I can't really see that club breaking into the top two in the division this year, despite being reigning NL champs; to do that, they needed career years from three pitchers, a third baseman, and an unexpectedly solid one from a 40 year old 2B. Now Pettitte will likely revert, Oswalt will be great but unable to shoulder the whole load, and the back end of their rotation is unknown and untried. I just don't see the Astros going anywhere this year, despite their 10-5 start.

  4. Andrew, I feel the same way...But with Clemens it makes them a strong candidate for a Wild Card. And, as X points out, he would have the big cushiony job with the Astros. Show up if you like...Don't travel if you don't want to...Make lots of $$$.

    Funny enough, I think the Yankees trail right now out of the 3 teams mentioned.