Sunday, April 09, 2006


I suppose there are a lot of little things about the Sox's play I could be worried about, but it's pretty hard to complain. For the first time since October 2004, the pitching is decent, if not excellent. It's April 9th, and the Sox have won three games in which the offense was unable to score more than 4 runs. In 2005, their third win with 4 or fewer runs scored didn't happen until... May 5. By that point they were 3-10 in those situations.

Unfortunately, the Yanks' offensive hiatus seems to be over, with a 10-1 win over the Los Anahangels, putting my fantasy teams in serious, serious trouble. On the bright side, at least we get treated to headlines like "Yankees Beat up on Angels' Colon". Tee hee!

update: okay, so I might as well post them all...
Yankees manhandle Colon - the News Tribune
Shaky Colon ripped for eight runs - LA Daily News
Yankees show some clout by clobbering Colon - Boston Glob
Colon can't keep Yankees down - Ventura County Star
Colon Cures Yankee Slump - LA Times
Yankees thump Colon - St. Petersburg Time


  1. I like the fact that we've won with consistent hitting, good defense, and good pitching. It looks like we're clicking right out of the gates. There will be times when we slump, but I like the fact that they have some chemistry right away. Playing well as a team can be a very contagious thing. As for the Yankees. We knew that they would start to hit again. I just like the fact that they don't seem to be clicking on a regular basis.

  2. You should totally change your name to "i-believe-in-chemistry", then we can set up a cage match between you and Billy Beane.

  3. I couldn't agree more with Dino! I've always preached the importance of clubhouse chemistry.

  4. When I saw a new post from I-Believe-in-Chemistry, I thought maybe Giambi or Sheffield had discovered our blog.

    Seriously, Millar looked just like Millar - taking tons of pitches, working the count. Of course he didn't get a hit all weekend. So against TB he is batting 455/500/636 and everyone else 000/166/000.

  5. And as far as the Sox go, hard to find much fault yet. Tiny concerns about bullpen depth, but once Tavarez gets back, hopefully it will be much better.