Thursday, February 28, 2008

What we live for

Taking a brief break from hibernation to note Sox's newest minor league signee. Not sure how I feel about it in terms of baseball - no downside, I guess - but the headlines are nothing but good.

Red Sox agree to terms with Colon
Colon hoping to regain form
Sox believe Colon's worth gambling on
Colon has work to do
Colon makes the scene

Brings a little sunshine to my day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wake up!

Where is everyone?

Has anyone seen the Sox April schedule? Pretty brutal. We've all heard the Yankee whining about the Japan trip in 2004. So, I won't add to that. Thankfully they are playing a AAA team. So that trip and the ensuing two game set in Oakland should yield 3 wins.

But then, it is on to Toronto. Followed by 10 games (no off days) vs DET, NY and CLE. Yikes.

And then a four game set vs. TEX is followed by 3 against LAA.

Oh, and I have a new player to cheer for. Patrick Currin. On Thursday, his fiancee delivered our second baby. Pretty cool.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Slow News Day

Daisy pulled out her DVD collection of Sports Night a week ago. Six Feet Under fans will be pleased to see the role of Casey played by Peter Krause. Anyway, it's pretty good. Witty banter with a tricked out laugh track (only for the first ten episodes). Apparently, it was Aaron Sorkins way of shoving it to the man (so to speak). Well, they have this episode about a slow day in news and it was a slightly more tamed down version of this.

Desperate for news myself, I started my typical blog-run (Deadspin,Baseball Musings,, and Extra Bases. I didn't need to go far to finds today's musings. The Berman clip above is from, if you didn't already click on it.

Venturing forth, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ben Watson hanging out at the MIT Sloan Business Conference on Sports Management with David Pinto, Sal Baxamusa, and Rob Neyer. Earl you should look up Sal, he's a chemical engineer. I posted on Basemall Musings as the first comment. I was tempted to do something stupid like, "FIRST", but thought better of it. He posted my comments, so I am sure Pinto gave the GYS a run-down. I am also sure he didn't see anything terribly mind-blowing, expect maybe of awesome connection to the creator of Darkman.

Oh, and funny this, while digging up all these links I came across this. I especially like Peter N's comments - vintage Peter!

Monday, February 04, 2008

XLII post-mortem: the bright side

1) It wasn't the Sox. That loss sucked, but everything is relative: compared to the repeated punching in the 'nads called "Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS", that was a skinned elbow, tops.

2) Boston sports fans could use some humility. Things have been a bit insane lately, and Boston fans have gotten cocky, and are now the most hated fanbase in sports (deservedly so). This will hopefully shut up the bandwagoners and college kids who have never seen a Boston-area sports team lose an important game.

3) Think about that for a second: there actually are "bandwagoners and college kids who have never seen a Boston-area sports team lose an important game". Can you imagine even thinking that, say, 7 years ago? We have it good.

4) Pitchers and catchers report in less than 2 weeks.