Monday, August 30, 2010

It Ain't Over Til...wait, it is over

Last night's loss to the Rays pretty much ended the run for the 2010 Boston Red Sox. What is left to say except that they fared better than I initially thought?

This is a team that truly was not built for the playoffs. Unfortunately, many got caught up in chasing an expensive, yet underbuilt team. I know I'll take some criticism for this, but it is true. Don't think so?

How many thought Beltre would have this year? Not many. If you thought the front office did, you're crazy. They were looking for a one year guy to get them through.

How many thought Bill Hall would have the numbers? Not many.

Granted injuries have played a major role, but I still contend that this team was not a contender. Here's the early lineup:


Bounce the last two all over the lineup if you like. The fact of the matter is that Beltre was predicted to be this good. Ortiz has far exceeded expectations. They got LUCKY.

The bullpen has been a mess since day one.

The strength was to be starting pitching.


That IS a hell of a rotation. But let's consider that NO ONE was sure about Daisuke and Buchholz and the strength was in the top three. Lester is the only one worthy out of three of any praise.

Still, no one will argue (even when the Sox team is fully healthy) that the Yankees lineup is not far superior. Then go through the rotations. Then go through the bullpens.

Then take the Rays. Go through their lineup. Go through their rotation. Go through their pen.

This Sox team just isn't good enough. Even healthy, I would put forth that they would be in a similar position. Take the paper and pen away for a second and LOOK at the games against the "upper crust". The Sox look outclassed.

So what is the plan going forward....Let's discuss.