Monday, November 28, 2005

B.J. Blows B.J.'s Wad; Blows Expectations.

The title pretty much says it all...

This is actually a pretty scary move. Toronto's pitching has improved over the last couple of years and this will give them another solid arm. Not to mention the fact that B.J. won't have to suffer through changing leagues or divisions so his impact will be immmediate.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm in Boston now -- flew in yesterday from LAX, saw Sean McDonough sitting in first class -- and am staying here a few days for a job interview. So I won't be posting for a while. Have a great weekend, don't shop too much.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Who knew?

Section titles in the free-agent binder Scott Boras has been giving all teams potentially interested in Johnny Damon:
  • "Most Durable Active Player in the Major Leagues"
  • "Better Than Future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson"
You can't make this stuff up.


Okay, we all know who the eventually leader will be, but what MLB player to date (not including future payments owed) has made the most in salary.

Edit: Career cumulative earnings.

Piling on

Our favorite whipping boy had this quote today:

"The Mets and the Red Sox have not talked about Ramirez recently, most likely because the Red Sox don't have a general manager. The feeling here is Boston won't trade him, especially if he refuses to go to the Mets."

Yep, the Sox lack of a GM sure seems to be stopping them from getting things done. Not. They only just made what will be one of, if not the single, largest trades of the offseason. Good job Murray.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I just hear on XM that this deal is now confirmed.

I really, really like this one. Beckett can be a stud - great stuff. Stays healthy. Not intimidated by the MFY.

Lowell is a gamble, but hey for two years why not.

Hanley Ramirez, in my opinion, would probably never live up to the hype. And is blocked for 3 more years by Edgar. And Sanchez was probably our 4th best prospect, which means he probably is never going to be a star. Plus now we maybe could deal Arroyo to fill out some other spots on the roster.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chasshole watch, Part XIV

My lord, Murray Chass has made the Red Sox into an unhealthy obsession (and Yanks fans complain we're obsessed with them!). Another piece today, "Lucchino: Just a Soul That's Misunderstood". And no, the title is not ironic. (Though I can't help but think the headline writer was making fun of Chass a little.) Chass points to all the statements by candidates who turned down GM interviews that they wanted to "be with their families" as proof that the problem isn't Lucchino. Really now, Chass has been in the business for how long? Surely he knows the family argument is the polite way of saying "no way in hell". He also quotes Kevin Towers at length to bolster his case. But the reading Towers' comments, I can't help but think he hated the man, as a boss at least. Taken apart from Chass's editorializing, Towers said:
"I like the have to just let [aspects of his personality] roll off your shoulders....Over the years I think I figured out how to work with Larry....When you made a move you had to justify why you were making it...First of all, what are the financial implications of the move? You had to be prepared....If it was something you felt strongly about, he would test you and test you...I knew when to pick my battles with him. I picked ones I felt I had a chance to win. He's a tireless worker, a fierce competitor. He wants to win at all costs."
There you have it, proof that Lucchino is just a "misunderstood soul." More Hall-of-Fame-caliber writing. [For bonus ridiculousness, read the final item of the article. God I hate that man.]

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sports Guy

Wow, two articles on Bill Simmons in the last month, about not his book but really his whole style, one in Slate and one in today's NYT. Both are worth a read -- he's now a media phenomenon. And, by the looks of the photo in the Times, he doesn't even have to wear pants any more. I alone in wanting his life?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Looks like they are trading Cameron to SD for Xavier Nady. I think I like that. It tells me that they are not holding out much hope of getting Manny. And anything that increases the chances of Manny returning to the Sox is a good thing.

It does strike me as an interesting move since the Pads apparently will pay all of Cameron's salary. Cameron is only a marginal upgrade from Nady plus Nady has some big upside. With the Pads looking to move Klesko (good luck) and also likely to lose Giles, are they looking for some veteran presence? I've read they have some good prospects so maybe they feel okay letting Nady go, but this move is still a bit strange for me. And Minaya is a headline seeker so trading a name for prospect seems very un-Omaresque to me (unless of course he takes the savings and overpays both Billy Wagner and Kevin Millwood).

All in all, I like this move for the Sox.


Another questionable year for Cy Young winners and MVP's. A mix of good picks and duds. C'mon voters, if you're going to base your votes on stupid, arbitrary criteria, at least pick stupid, arbitrary criteria which are also awesome. Criteria like "having a name that I find hilarious". Pujols...check. Colon...check. A-Rod...check. But Carpenter? Come on. The Rocket would've been a much better choice.

Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad, I guess.

Monday, November 14, 2005

About a half hour to go....

Papi or Slappy?

I'm sure all of our hearts are with Papi, but if I had a vote I think it would have to go to A-Rod. I said earlier, whichever team wins the division that player should get the nod. And while it ended up a tie, the Yankees celebrated first. But for some reason (namely backlash against his contract and the fact that true NYers know that he's not even the most valuable player on his team - just ask Sheff), I somehow think Papi may actually win the award.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Dream

Of course we all love baseball. I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. Yet last night something strange happened. I had a dream that Manny was traded to MN for Johan Santana. Obviously it will not happen for a number of reasons, first an foremost that Manny would have to approve going to MN and I see the likelihood of that happening being something about the same as, say W, admitting he made a mistake.

But if pure baseball were the issue here, it actually could be a trade that makes sense. Trade many and $30 MM to the Twins for Johan. The Twins need the bat and have tons of pitching – Radke is signed, they have Silva and Lohse (although I’m sure they’d like to get rid of him) and they have a couple of top, top prospects who project to front of the rotation starters. Both Manny and Johan have 3 years left on contracts. And if the Sox gave them the $30 MM, the teams would be paying the exact same amount of money.

I know, I know. Never happens. But still kind of funny that what I dreamed actually, in one not so crazy alternative universe, would actually make some sense.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Give Up

Seriously, I am no longer paying any attention to baseball awards given to individual players...

The reason? Gold Glove winner Derek Jeter? You have to be kidding me. O-Cab had way better numbers...

All of these rewards are jokes...The only one they always seem to get right is ROY (which is discussed in another thread)...

Gold Glove should be a no brainer. Look at the numbers and give the guy with the best numbers the reward...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One hit wonder

Keeping on the theme of baseball awards. I decided to go back and take a look at the ROY winners and whether those players went on to be the top player in their "rookie" class. I already know the answer is going to be NO, because pitchers take longer to develop and rarely get immediate kudos. For instance Johan was a rook in 2000 and was a middle reliever/spot starter who just took some time to blossom. Like most starters - even a young Pedro threw only 100 or so innings and Clemens a middling 133 innings (and they finished 9th and 6th in ROY balloting.


No baseball being played

So let's bash the media.

First is GYS favorite whipping boy Murray Chass, who just can't seem to write an article without trashing the Sox. Funny, for a guy who grew up a Pirates fan, he is now the *exact* example of a typical Yankee fan - petty, spiteful, immature, and a whole bunch of other adjectives. Not only does he want the Yanks to win badly, he feels the need ridicule and humiliate others. He's just a bully with pen. Underneath it (and many, many NY fans) is a very insecure man.

Next, we can turn our eyes on the BBWAA and their awards. Some (more) of which will be laughable.

Finally. the CHB. As Earl pointed out has his latest nonsense. You have to wonder what goes through this guys mind. You would think after all the crap, he might, oh I don't know, focus on the Pats and their big loss or maybe how it seems that everyday when I pick up the paper the Bruins have either lost in OT or shootouts (and somehow that ends up being okay on the whole). Why does he continue to be such an idiot.

You know I have bit my tongue on this a couple of times, but I finally think it is now worth saying. I'm dating myself a bit here, but when the CHB first starting writing for the Globe, he was especially brutal and harsh on the local teams and personalities (which is to be expected to some degree by columnists). And in a field of strong columnists (McDonough, Ryan, Fitzgerald, the other red head guy that went to SI - can't remember his name), he was by far the most brutal. then about 10 years ago there was a tragedy in his family. The sport community reached out a lot - including some very "special" moments with Ted Williams. And then his writing started to change. He was a bit more positive. A little more upbeat and not as quick to, well, be an ass. But obviously over the past few years, is it a coincidence that the further those events get in his rearview mirror, the bigger ass he is becoming (returning to?) I don't know, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but that is the way I see it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I mean, I like Colon, butt...

As great as it is to see the word "Colon" in a bunch of headlines, the choice of him for the AL Cy Young is pretty awful. Eighth in the league in ERA at 3.48 (Milwood was 1st with 2.86, Santana 2nd with 2.87), 8th in strikeouts with 157 (Santana was 1st with 238), 8th in K/BB at 3.65 (Silva was first with 7.89, Santana 2nd with 5.29), 13th in BAA at .254 (Santana was 1st with .210), 10th in OPSA with .698 (Santana was 1st with .596, which is absolutely incredible). There was only major category he was even in the top 5 in: wins. First, with 21. Whoop-de-fuckin'-do. He got a lot of run support, over 6 runs per game. Which only put him 7th overall - David Wells was first with (this is wild) 7.97 (Matt Clement was 3rd with 6.88). But being in the top 10 in run support and the top 10 in ERA is enough to give you the most wins in the league. And that's all you need to win you the Cy Young apparently. Ridiculous.

The real curse

Just this year alone:

The Sox would look like secretariat in the Belmont come September. Well, not exactly even though they did end up tied.

Then a piece about Boy Wonder. We know how that turned out.

And then this past Sunday, a predication, no wait, really a proclomation that the Pats would easily beat the Colts.

Like his fictitous curse or the SI jink. I give you, the Stain of the CHB.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Its that time again

Its only fitting that this book review is centered around our beloved Red Sox and, in the words of the publisher “How the Boston Red Sox Got smart, Won a World Series and Created a New Blueprint for Winning.” That’s right Mind Game.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Giambi- Comeback Player of the Year

As if baseball isn't deemed stupid enough it goes and gives the award for CPOTY to Giambi.

Granted, he came back and had an excellent offensive season. But it was nothing but his own stupidity AND CHEATING that made him suck in the first place.

I don't know who deserved this award, but it is an embarrassment to everyone involved to give it to this guy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It looks like everyone's blaming CHB for this. That is silly. Is there any other evidence, anywhere, besides one cryptic line in the Herald?
"A leading contributing factor, according to sources close to the situation, was a column in Sunday’s Boston Globe..."
I hope people aren't actually taking that seriously. I mean, a can of alphabet soup generally has more credibility than the average Herald article. Particularly when the topic of said Herald article is the Boston Globe.

I was going to go off on this, but SF from Yanksfansoxfan has done it already, far more concisely than I could:
"Giving Shaughnessy any credit for causing the exit of Epstein would be giving him too much, it would only serve to reaffirm Dan's sense of self-importance and impact on the Boston sports scene."
Amen. The problem is Lucchino and company, not Shaughnessy.

We will survive


Pissed. Damn right I'm pissed.
Shocked? Yep, that too.

And while I am on record that I have not given up all hope of Theo returning, if he leaves I think we will be okay. Think. Hope. Okay, so I am also very confused.

-Continued in comments (warning rambling ahead)

Position of the Week

Ok, so we have to wait for February for the pitchers and catchers to report. This is what I propose...Let's take a hole in the Red Sox roster and discuss. Since this is the first week, let's start with first base. By the time the Sox get a GM and begin to fill in some of these positions we might have a lot of this figured out...

With Olerud and Millar gone, who is left? Well, from last year's team there is Youkilis and Petagine. Is there a chance that Petagine is our everyday guy? Unlikely. What about Youk? It looked like they were starting to groom him for that position a little last year, and he didn't look totally uncomfortable. Given that he isn't the best fielding third baseman, would this be a logical move for him?

I guess to answer that we'd have to look at alternatives. If Youk is at first then we are looking for a third baseman (and this becomes a discussion for a future week).

Konerko has been mentioned. However, don't you think that with Chicago's pitching, and the fact that they just won the WS, paired with the fact that they don't mind spending money, that Konerko will be in Chicago again next year? This is how I am leaning with him. Also, I've mentioned that his bat would be a tremendous addition to the Red Sox lineup. I still think that. However, I've also made the argument that with Youk at third, Renteria at short, and a Cora/Pedroia split at second that we will need a very good fielding first baseman. Does Konerko fit that bill?

I'd like to see the Sox get someone like Lance Berkman (not available). This way if Manny stays, they could move the guy to LF on some days, let Ortiz play some infield, and let Manny DH. This gets rid of some of the Manny crap in left, keeps him in the lineup, and doesn't really hurt us in the field (Ortiz is a good glove man, he just can't play there everyday).

At the risk of becoming a team with too many jack-of-all-trades and not enough specialists, I'd really like to see the Sox go after a quality first baseman. Not sure who is out there. Certainly, Erstad would be great, but who would it take to get him?

Mientkadfhaera was waived by the Mets. He's a great fielder. But...I think the whole "last ball of the WS" thing has blown up that chance...Plus, he can't hit.

What about bringing Olerud back for one more year? I don't know if he's an everyday guy, but he's a possibility. What if Youk and Olerud split the time there. That way, when Olerud is in, they move Youk to third to keep him in the lineup.

Again, I don't want the Sox to be a team with interchangeable parts. I'd rather have guys that are first baseman, second baseman, etc...But with guys like Youk (not the best at throwing the leather around) they may have to go that way.