Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great rant

"But … this is Derek Jeter. And so, well, you know what’s coming. The Yankees radio crew — and these are good folk, hard workers, they’re just lost in the Jeter flood like so many — basically sang Hosanas to Derek Jeter for getting caught in a rundown. I’m not kidding here. They went on for five minutes about how the Captain willed those runners to second and third. They kept talking about how not only did Jeter stay in the rundown but he WAVED THOSE OTHER RUNNERS to the bag while he was doing it. Imagine. I was sitting there in the car absolutely stunned. This was Jeterating on a whole new level."

The whole thing is worth a read.

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's streaky...it's streaky streaky streaky streaky

April 12-15: 4 wins in row
April 17-21: 6 wins in a row
April 23-27: 5 losses in a row
May 2-6: 5 wins in a row
May 11-14: 4 losses in a row
May 17-22: 7 wins in a row
May 23-present: 3 losses in a row

This team gives me a headache. Four days ago I was psyched they were the best team in baseball, today I'm worried about losing the division to the freaking Rays.

Also, where is everyone?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is too weird

On a whim I googled "Nartleb Solrac". Not sure why - I guess "I'm a soul man" has been stuck in my head all day. Anyway, the first hit was us. But the second was this. I can't for the life of me think of why anyone would make such a Google feature. But damn: they've thought of everything.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last night Asdrubal Cabrera turned an unassisted triple play, the 14th in (modern) baseball history. The list of all 14 can be found here. I know almost nothing about unassisted triple plays, except that my friend Mike was at Fenway when John Valentin turned his...but missed it (he was getting beer). A couple notes:

- 13 of them are the same - caught line drive, tagged runner from 1st, and touched 2nd (with the last two in either order). But in 1920 George Burns (a 1B) tagged the runner just of 1st, and then ran to second base for the third out. I guess the runner fell, or didn't realize the ball was caught?

- Six UTPs were turned in the 1920's...and then there was a 55-year span in which only one was turned (1968). But then two were turned in the 90's, and so far there have been four in the current decade. Any idea what caused this? Are double steals getting more popular? Are players getting worse at baserunning/hit-and-running?

- the previous Indian to turn a UTP was someone named Bill Wambsganss. That's a lot of consonants.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tim Wakefield, Carl Everett, Bob Tewksbury, Mike Lowell, and...

So there's usually no point in linking to Deadspin, since everyone goes there anyway, but just in case, this Freddie Lynn interview is pretty much a must-read.

(Also: am I missing anyone from the title of this post?)

Monday, May 05, 2008


Sox scored 26 runs in three games against the Rays. Compare that to their previous five games, where they scored...four.

JoS lists the MLB stadiums (stadia?) he's been to. I'm not sure I've ever counted mine. In order, they are Memorial Stadium (1982), Arlington Stadium (1984?), Veterans Stadium (1986), Fenway (1993), Yankee Stadium (1998), Dodger Stadium (1997), Wrigley (1997), New Comiskey Park (1999), Camden Yards (2001), Safeco Field (2002), Shea Stadium (2003), the Big A (2003). Only 12, which is pretty pathetic - given where I've lived, not sure how I've missed Toronto, or the SF/SD parks. Of those 12, only 9 are still in use - and soon that number will be down to 7.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

It took this to get me back....

During the Sox-Rays broadcast Friday night, the trivia question was "What four Rookie of the Years have played for the Rays franchise?"

Well, I did not stick around for the answer, but I knew without hesitation that Ben Grieve was one of them. Canseco and now Hinske are the two others, but how great for Grieve. I wonder how his wedding was?

On another notes - Dino you (of all people!!!!) totally missed on the whole being out of the batters box - that is what sent Carl Everett to the moon (figuratively, not literally since we know thanks to Carl that man has never been to the moon) on his Ron Kulpa head butt rant. Dino, Dino, Dino.

Mike Lowell: Thinking Outside of the Box

Daisy and I had seats in the State Street Pavillion Thursday night. We got there early to catch some of batting practice and to treat ourselves to $17 hamburgers on top of Yawkey way. All said and done we both felt that it was a good experience but that we would prefer sitting amongst the true fans. Not sure why, but the vibe just wasn't happening up top. The fans weren't that into the game. To their defense it was a lame game. Still the energy that we've become accustomed to wasn't present and it took away from the enjoyment of the game. That being said, it was an interesting angle to watch the batters box. Clearly, Lowell is thinking outside of the box when he read the rule, your foot must be touching the line of the batters box. Way to go Lowell! Earl, can you run a quick calculation to determine how much extra time this gives a batter assuming a 90 mph fastball?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Please to hit the ball

Sox pitchers have given up just 6 runs in the last 4 games, which is amazing. Problem is, Sox hitters have scored only 4 in that same stretch. So it's actually pretty lucky they're 2-2. I can't remember a time pitching has been this hot and hitting has been this cold, for so long. Starters have gone 30 IP, with an ERA of 0.9 and and WHIP of 0.633...and have zero wins. It's a bit ridiculous.