Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mike Lowell: Thinking Outside of the Box

Daisy and I had seats in the State Street Pavillion Thursday night. We got there early to catch some of batting practice and to treat ourselves to $17 hamburgers on top of Yawkey way. All said and done we both felt that it was a good experience but that we would prefer sitting amongst the true fans. Not sure why, but the vibe just wasn't happening up top. The fans weren't that into the game. To their defense it was a lame game. Still the energy that we've become accustomed to wasn't present and it took away from the enjoyment of the game. That being said, it was an interesting angle to watch the batters box. Clearly, Lowell is thinking outside of the box when he read the rule, your foot must be touching the line of the batters box. Way to go Lowell! Earl, can you run a quick calculation to determine how much extra time this gives a batter assuming a 90 mph fastball?

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  1. Oh and another thing... looking back at all the posts in April it's all Earl and Dino. What gives?