Monday, May 12, 2008

Sad headline of the day

Related to our ongoing discussion of "Tampa Bay's best season yet":

Win puts Rays five games over .500 for 1st time in team history



  1. Even more unusual, I looked at the schedule of games today and thought to myself, sweet NYY AT Tampa... That should keep the empire under .500.

  2. Also.. by way of Baseball Musings Paul DePodesta has a blog! It is literally two days old and looks less cool than the gysnetwork. That being said, he probably is a little more informed about the game than we are. I think it's a cool thing for him to be reaching out to the fans like this. I wonder how long it will last. I need to bone up on my Padre knowledge so I can ask a question.

  3. Looks like the exorcism paid off! No more Devil Rays...just the Rays, and here they come. I would love to see them keep this up the entire season.