Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great rant

"But … this is Derek Jeter. And so, well, you know what’s coming. The Yankees radio crew — and these are good folk, hard workers, they’re just lost in the Jeter flood like so many — basically sang Hosanas to Derek Jeter for getting caught in a rundown. I’m not kidding here. They went on for five minutes about how the Captain willed those runners to second and third. They kept talking about how not only did Jeter stay in the rundown but he WAVED THOSE OTHER RUNNERS to the bag while he was doing it. Imagine. I was sitting there in the car absolutely stunned. This was Jeterating on a whole new level."

The whole thing is worth a read.


  1. who knew that a KC Royal blog would be so good!

  2. Jeter always does that stupid wave the runners along thing. Bugs the crap out oif me. Almost as much as his EXTREME overreaction on pitches that are an inch inside (or sometimes even over the plate). With that stupid hipo thrusting outward.

    It was a good post, but I think he gave the NY radio announcers too much credit. Waldman (aside from Goodness Gwacious, off all the dwamatic things I have ever seen and tears for torre) is not terrible, but Sterling is an amazing homer (Alex the Great?) and constant gushing over all things NY. IBID - surprised you didn't pick up on that from the 2nd inning comments in a 1-0 game re: Joba.

    And lastly, while a KC blog, in general, Posnanski is actually a columnist for the major KC newspaper. So I guess that would be the equivalent of CHB having a blog. Well, except CHB writes pieces of crap for the Globe and his blog would likely suck as well. I guess it would be like if blogs existed 20 years ago and Will McDonough and Leigh Montville actually wrote blogs.

    Egads. What would Bob Costas think.