Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As usual!

But man was he great that first half of the season in 2000.

.329/.403./.647 (a whopping 1.050 OPS) 24 HR and 69 RBI in 79 games at the ASB!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

WTF is happening in Dodger land?

This is copied from www.dodgerdugout.com. Yes, I am too lazy to write anything original, but I certainly wanted to get everyone's reaction. Is it possible that Frank McCourt is more of a disaster than Manny?!

Official Press Release
This is all Frank could come up with:

"Major League Baseball sets strict financial guidelines which all 30 teams must follow. The Dodgers are in compliance with these guidelines. On this basis, it is hard to understand the Commissioner's action today."
MLB To Oversee the Dodgers
It's the beginning of the end for Frank McCourt. Bud Selig, per the LA Times, has decided that enough is enough:

"Pursuant to my authority as Commissioner, I informed Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt today that I will appoint a representative to oversee all aspects of the business and the day-to-day operations of the Club. I have taken this action because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers and to protect the best interests of the Club, its great fans and all of Major League Baseball. My office will continue its thorough investigation into the operations and finances of the Dodgers and related entities during the period of Mr. McCourt's ownership. I will announce the name of my representative in the next several days. The Dodgers have been one of the most prestigious franchises in all of sports, and we owe it to their legion of loyal fans to ensure that this club is being operated properly now and will be guided appropriately in the future."

The NY Times adds:

But two people with knowledge of the situation said that he was also strongly considering forcing the sale of the team by invoking his “bests interests of baseball” powers to wrest the team from Frank McCourt, the owner since 2004, who he believes has mismanaged the franchise while enriching himself.

And TMZ chips in with this:

IRS agents are interested in the fact that the McCourts took $145 million from the team and paid no taxes (certain court documents place the figure at around $105 million, but we’re told it’s actually $145 mil).

The IRS is also interested in the fact that the McCourt children have drawn a salary from the team but performed no apparent services to justify the payout.

Dice-BB and the return of the Sox?

Is it me, or is this a little unusual? The Sox are in a slump and head to the west coast for a series of games. My memory tells me that we'd limp through the west coast trip happy to be .500. Here we are on the verge of sweeping the LAAAAAAAAAs and taking 5 out of 6 games.

And who do we have to thank? Well, it doesn't suck the BecKKKKKKKet is lighting it up. Nor does it suck that Dice-BB is finally throwing strikes! What a concept. I liked ispost at baseball musings. In short, "He went with what worked and de-emphasized what didn’t."

I like the sound of that! We'll see how long it lasts, but I have to believe Dice-BB is hungry for a "break-out" season.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dino, Dino, GYS, GYS

So from Dino in the last post:

""Owned" by a Montrealer."

I can only say you now that the roles are reversed you better be laying it pretty hard to said Montrealer.

Go B's. Love the Habs givng up 3 leads on their home ice.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Joe Thornton Sucks. And always will

So a buddy of mine out here asked my why I can't stand Big Joe. This is about as good as I could come up with. And it still feels like I'm missing something.

Imagine you see this girl every day and she is smoking hot. But you have to get laughed at every day for a year (have the worst record) to get a chance to go out with her. And finally you do. The first date (season) goes okay, you act like a gentleman and don’t want to rush things. The second date is starting to look really good, there is some promise you make out a bit and get to second base (second round). The third and fourth dates go okay. They aren’t great, but they aren’t terrible. You don’t go home with her, but you think there is enough progress being made. She laughs at your jokes (scores a lot), she teases you with her physique, but there is definitely a little alloofness there. By the fifth date you are confident. The starts are aligning. You have a great date (number one seed), she is wearing a smoking outfit (100 points) . You finally get her naked and she says, not tonight, it just doesn’t feel right (first round exit). You have another date. You’re starting to worry. Same crap. Then what would be your last date. Again, showing hope. Again she’s smoking (another high seed). You get her home. You get her naked. You’re bangin her but she just lies there. She even asks if you’re done yet. So that’s it. You know it will never be. You break up with her.

But in the end, you do have a bit of the last laugh. As she dates someone new, yes she still looks hot. In fact in the first year after you break up she wins a beauty contest (mvp), but you still get to laugh cause you know they are only going to second base. And she just lays there.

Feel free to discuss.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun with numbers

2010 Giants - August 13-15 7 game losing streak
2009 Yankees From April 24 - May 7 they were 4-9 and lost 5 straight (and they won 103 games)
2008 Phillies - June 12-14 6 game losing streak
2007 Sox - June 12-14 5 game losing streak
2006 Cardinals - they had 3 months w a losing record and lost 8 in a row at one point
2005 White Sox August 12-16 7 game losing streak

So or those ready to write the season off.....

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yankees lose to the worst team in baseball

Yesterday, the Pinstripes rolled into Boston to face off against the lowly Boston Red Sox. Having won an infinite more number of games this year (the Sox haven't won ANY!!!). Let's face it, the Sox were the worst team in baseball. Their pitching was abysmal, and their lineup was far from a powerhouse. Yet, the little engine of the Sox was able to take down the mighty Yankees. The Bombers must have come in a little over-confident. Why else could such a dominant team of All-Stars fall to David? Truly a Cinderella story.

Will the Sox win again this year? Maybe. They do play the Yankees 18 more times.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

2011 Predictions continued: AL West

It's a sad day when the GYSNetwork has more momentum then the Red Sox. Here's to hoping the 0-6 start ends soon and that we can keep up the banter.

Continuing the conversation re: 2011 prediction, here are my thoughts on the AL West. Again, this is based on absolutely minimal research, beer (Sam's Boston Ale), and how I felt the 2010 season went based on my fantasy baseball team. (If nothing else, I am honest).

Texas 88 wins
Oakland 82 wins
Ichiro 40 SB

This might be over estimating the A's ability to manufacturer wins. Their pitching will be competitive especially if they can keep up the defense, but I am just not scared of their line up. Am I missing something? I think it's more likely that the team will move to San Jose than they win the AL West (and I mean this beyond 2011). Texas went all the way last year (heh) and they look good again this year. They have arms and bats, oh my!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Manny being Manny Circa 2011

Ramirez was originally listed in the lineup for Wednesday's game against the Angels, but he has since been scratched, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

Yahoo! sports reports: There doesn't appear to be an injury here, as the Rays seem to simply be giving Ramirez a rest day to regroup after his 1-for-16 start to the season. It's unfortunate because it seems like a good matchup for him; he's 18-for-35 (.514) with three homers and four doubles in his career against Angels starter Dan Haren.

DH Manny Ramirez, off to a 1-for-16 start and booed by the Tropicana Field crowd Tuesday, was not in the lineup Wednesday.

"I want the fans to know he works, this man really works, this man really cares... It's not working for him right now, but he's going to be just fine. We need to let him be himself and let Manny be Manny and go up there and not try to carry us. The last thing I want him to do is feel like he has to carry us."

Impressive, even if Maddon played Manny and he went 0-5, he'd still be batting .450 on Dan Haren. Talk about OWNED.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

2011 Predictions continued: AL Central

Not exactly daily, but I am back! Moving east to west, it's time for the AL Central 2011 predictions. This is based on about 2 minutes of research, a pint of Rogue Chocolate Stout, and a healthy fantasy baseball habit.

While the Tigers have the most pop on paper, I am signing up for the Twins to take it again. Morneau ought to be healthy and as long as Mauer's knees don't explode the Twins have the best all around team (in my opinion). The Sox are going to benefit from Adam Dunn in the line up, and no I am not just saying that because I drafted him for my fantasy team. In the end I see the following:

Twins 85 wins
Tigers 83 wins
Sox .500
Indians may get 70 wins
Royals may not get 70 wins

Is it me or is it a little sad that the Twins will win out with 85 wins and have the benefit of 36+ games against the Indians and Royals?