Thursday, April 07, 2011

2011 Predictions continued: AL West

It's a sad day when the GYSNetwork has more momentum then the Red Sox. Here's to hoping the 0-6 start ends soon and that we can keep up the banter.

Continuing the conversation re: 2011 prediction, here are my thoughts on the AL West. Again, this is based on absolutely minimal research, beer (Sam's Boston Ale), and how I felt the 2010 season went based on my fantasy baseball team. (If nothing else, I am honest).

Texas 88 wins
Oakland 82 wins
Ichiro 40 SB

This might be over estimating the A's ability to manufacturer wins. Their pitching will be competitive especially if they can keep up the defense, but I am just not scared of their line up. Am I missing something? I think it's more likely that the team will move to San Jose than they win the AL West (and I mean this beyond 2011). Texas went all the way last year (heh) and they look good again this year. They have arms and bats, oh my!

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  1. I would say that Texas is going to have over 90wins easily with their direct competition in the West. Either way they take the division. I say the LAAAAA are number two. They have a lot of talent and one huge injury (Morales). He'll add to their depth.

    Then there are 2 other teams?