Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun with numbers

2010 Giants - August 13-15 7 game losing streak
2009 Yankees From April 24 - May 7 they were 4-9 and lost 5 straight (and they won 103 games)
2008 Phillies - June 12-14 6 game losing streak
2007 Sox - June 12-14 5 game losing streak
2006 Cardinals - they had 3 months w a losing record and lost 8 in a row at one point
2005 White Sox August 12-16 7 game losing streak

So or those ready to write the season off.....


  1. Nice work X. We all knew the "sky would fall" at some point in the season. I think no one expected it to be this bad this early.

    I do think it is rather sporting of us to give the Rays some confidence. DiceBB may have found his calling, batting practice.

  2. Here is a short history of the last 18 months:

    Sox implode, lost o Angels for first time in 20+ years

    Yankees win WS

    Pats lose first home playoff game in 20 years. Crushed by Baltimore

    B's blow 3-0 lead

    Celts lose in 7 to Lakers

    Sox destroyed by injuries, 2010 season ruined

    Pats 14-2, lose to hated Jets. at home


    Sox struggling

    Celts have no upside playoff series with another NY team

    B's play most hated rival

    Yikes!! WEEI must be ready to explode.

  3. The good news is that the first place team(s) are only 6-4. The Sox are only 4.5 games out.

    The big problem in the long haul is going to be their pitching. I expect Lester and Buchholz to be good. Beckett looked wayyyy better in his last start. Lackey and Dice-K haven't shown any signs of life, yet.

    Their lineup will be fine.