Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As usual!

But man was he great that first half of the season in 2000.

.329/.403./.647 (a whopping 1.050 OPS) 24 HR and 69 RBI in 79 games at the ASB!!


  1. Yes. But does he believe in dinosaurs, yet?

    Really, though... Here is what I remember most about Everett's time in Boston (no particular order).

    - the toothpick
    - how close he stood to the plate (both sides!)
    - a tirade on family day at Fenway
    - him getting tagged out at third on a tag up before the tying run could score

  2. The fact that he got crucified for the family day/Ron Kulpa incident (and its continual notice as the Family Day event) just kills me.

    Do you think the Sox players even know its family day? Or if the do, they might be told before the game and have a photo op, etc. but once that game starts, I want their competitive juices flowing to the max.

    But the media run with this shit. Like when Dallas Braden throws a perfect game on Mother's Day and then takes a moment to thank his grandma and THAT becomes the story.

    Like he gave it extra effort just because it was mothers day and his grandma was there.

    But yeah, toothy!

    As Dino said, most unbelievable part of the story is the he was married to the same woman for 18 years!

  3. I don't really have feelings one way or the other about family day. I just remember it.

    For a few years that guy was a good player.

    I believe that Dino got his nickname from old Carl. Also, didn't Everett coin the term "curly headed boyfriend"?

  4. Yes on all counts. As far as the nickname goes, it was after a game and Toothy comes in after the game and Edes and CHB are waiting by Everett's locker (who knows could be the game he got thrown out at third.)

    And he says to Edes - "get out of here. Now. And take your curly headed boyfriend with you."

    So there is clearly no love lost for CHB in that clubhouse if it got out like that.

    Hey, today was Vermont day at Fenway.....