Monday, September 29, 2008


Man, we all suck. An incredible last month and we've barely logged on to this site. Some random thoughts on the last few days, in no order:

- That trade for CC looks pretty good now, I guess.

- And he's the favorite for the Cy. I'm sure it'll be over all the papers (maybe it is already), but how often has a Cy Young/MVP winner switched leagues midseason?

- I just can't get worked up about coming in second to the Rays. It's a pretty exciting turnaround for the franchise. If the Sox lose in the playoffs, I'm going to have no trouble rooting for the Rays the rest of the way.

- On that topic, I cannot believe that changing their name actually worked. Stuff like that never works.

- Also: I love that they have no idea who should throw out the first pitch. I think I speak for all of us when I say: Ben Grieve!

- There's plenty of stuff not to like about the Mets (their hoarding of Big Free Agents; their firing of Randolph; 1986), but they've grown on me the last few years, given their fanbase - plenty of them stayed loyal throughout the entire Yankee dynasty. So this second collapse in a row has to hurt - my heart's out to Mets fans.

- Go Tigers.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random items in the news today

Lee is the first 20 game winner Did anybody see that coming?

Koby Clemens arrested Did anybody see that coming?!

Drew and Beltre each hit for the cycle! Which is more statistically relevant: Beltre hit for the cycle or the Mariners won a game?