Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The trade of Jay Payton for Chad Bradford is official. The Red Sox now have two of the best backwards-names in all of baseball, Tort Noxin and Dorfdarb. Maybe the Sox should go after Nilknarf and Nabozarb to round out the top four?


  1. JD Drew would be JD Werd
    Mark Ellis would be Sille (or silly)
    Dan Kolb = blok
    Dae Sung Koo?
    Former Sox Blain (not so) Lean
    Anotnio Osuna - Antonio Anus-O

    I'm not aware of any pallindrome names.

    And of course, Billy Koch would be Bill Koch.

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  3. Enimor Nivek is pretty fun.

    I can't think of a palindromic name, but of course there's "Damon as a nomad."

  4. If Damon is a nNomad this offseason, we could always pick up Notlim Yeldarb, which matches Dorfdarb and Nabozarb nicely. Too bad he's an ass.

  5. Maybe we can persuade Omar Minaya to trade us Nartleb Solrac...Of course he is relatively ypparc this season...

    You realize that we now have two submarine pitchers...One is a serial killer (myers) and the other belongs at a posh country club (bradford)...

  6. Nauj Erriep is an FA this offseason too... I wouldn't mind seeing him patrolling between Ynnam and Rettort.