Thursday, July 14, 2005

CHB Tries to Bail on His Prediction

Man, X, I have talked to you many times about how writers say whatever they want and then ignore their bad predictions. As you know, it sets me off. However, after this gem from Shaugnessy, I think that I would rather have them not try to retract.

Of course, Earl and I posted about how we didn't think that the Yankees were out of it by any means (I still don't think they are all that great, and I think that the Sox are better), but we'll see...

Here are Dan's latest words:

The Red Sox could sweep the Bombers and save face for dopes who predicted Boston would win the AL East in a landslide (save yourself the trouble: the exact phrase was, ''Come late September, this is going to look like Secretariat at the Belmont in 1973.").

Talk about trying to make a joke out of it...This was talked about everywhere...


  1. Yet the media in Boston act incredulous at even the SUGGESTION that they are negative, overreact, etc.

    I watch this guy on NESN every now and then and he is one unhappy, sour SOB. I have said it before, I think most of these guys hate sports - they used to like sports, but now that it is their job, they are miserable, jealous and a lot of other adjectives. (The one exception would be Bob Ryan - even though he is a major whiner, "things were better in my day" type, I think he truly loves what he does).

  2. Yeah, but then again he sometimes gets drunk and then goes on-air and talks about hitting women.

    I did like the CHB line referring to A-Rod's purse, though.

    All right, I'm off for a roadtrip. I'm going to try to catch most of the Yanks games, but won't have any internet access. See you guys -- Go Sox.

  3. Wait, I can't remember...Is it good for the Sox when Earl hits the road?

    You know what? If the Sox happen to sweep the Yankees this series...That is a big if, but just as a hypothetical...Would CHB then write a, "See, I WAS Right" article?

  4. Oh yeah, another thing about Boston writers...They all took shots at Foulke. Now, Foulke definitely was having a rough go of it and said some stupid things (still not as dumb as Damon)...but...

    Does a guy have knee surgery because of his attitude?

    I wish that the writers would report the games and stop commenting...

  5. For me the biggest problem is when the distinction between writer and columnist is blurred or crossed. And the guiltiest party is Gordon Edes. He writes the Sox game story, he writes the Red Sox notebook, and he also writes some "On Baseball" columns, but he confuses his role sometimes and puts in crappy throw away lines (even in some of his reporting roles). Why is a beat writer writing columns. And now if you are the player, you have to wonder if you are being asked a question to fill a notebook or is the writer going use it in an opinion piece.

    I don't have a ton of problems with what CHB writes. Or Ryan.

    I think the last time Earl was away was when the Sox were in PHI - a nice 3 game sweep. Plus the Sox had just swept in CLE. I see some similarities here - the Sox have not lost a game the last three days. This could be a good sign.