Saturday, July 02, 2005

Canadia Day!!!

Looking at my calendar, I just learned that yesterday was Canada Day (Canada). I especially like the clarification; presumably this is so us Amuricans don't just all go take the day off in honor of our friendly neighbors to the north.

Strangely, however, yesterday was a work holiday. Since Southern California does not share a border with Canadia, I can only assume the purpose was really to give people a four-day holiday, with U.S.A. Day (U.S.A.) coming up. So I only spent a couple hours at work, to take advantage of Happy Hour(s). The bar we went to did not have a feed of the Sox game, which was good because it would've ruined my nice afternoon.

I have nothing to say about that game. Ugly. Hopefully it was a just a Ted Lilly thing and/or a Canadia Day gift to the Blue Jays, and the Sox aren't going into a their recent 1-3 record might suggest. Wunderkind Gustavo Chacin vs. Grossermann David Wells tonight.

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1 comment:

  1. Answer: It turns you into a brilliant and witty (not to mention dashing) Sox blogger.

    Canada Day seems to lack some of the oomph of 7/4, though the fireworks that were going off from next door to the house I was at last night belie that a bit.