Saturday, July 09, 2005

Random question(s)

Does anyone remember what happened to that previous NESN announcer, the guy who did SportDesk and called some games before Don Orsillo came aboard? You know, the guy who looked like a mix between Orsillo and an oompa-loompa? (Not really, but once I typed "oompa-loompa" I couldn't get myself to delete it.) I can't for the life of me remember his name.

Speaking of which, what of the guy before him, Remy's old broadcast partner? I can't remember his name either (King?) but I seem to remember he was pretty good. I think he left after (or during) the 2000 season, to call games for the Minnesota Wild, which was just starting that year. Man, talk about crappy career choices. Since then NESN has become part of standard cable in most of New England, Orsillo is a celebrity, and the Red Sox are World Champions. (How's life over at the NHL?)


  1. I hate it when nobody responds to my drunken posts.

    (This must be what it feels like to be I-B-I-D.)

  2. JT probably knows how you feel as well.

    Was it Bob Rodgers? Althought I don't remember him actually calling games. If it was him, rumor had it he was canned for leaving a few NESN broadcasts to coach his kids high school team.. Hell considering we got Jayme Lynn out of the deal, it was well worht it. Of course until they replaced her with Hazel May.

    The other NESN guys I can thing of are Andy Freed , wh0 is in TB now, and Dave Shea, who did mostly Bruins work on NESN, is now doing Nats games (I thinkk).

    Are any of those the guys.

  3. Bob Rodgers. Thanks. I think he called games for a couple weeks before they found Orsillo.

    As for the other guy, I was thinking of Bob Kurtz. He's with the Twins now, as their PA announcer. In other news, Google is a great way to find stuff on the web.

    I hate this game. And Matos also.

  4. Kurtz - I don't even remember that guy. I did love Bob Rodgers because a) he was such a geek and b) JT and I worked with a Bob Rodgers at athena and he was an even bigger geek and a Yankee fan to boot.

    I still am pissed that they got rid of Jamie Lynn.

  5. And yeah, that game sucked.

  6. I like being called "I-B-I-D", that rocks and yes, it sucks when no one responds.