Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Last to know

They say the parents are the last to know. Funny how fools like us can obviously see something is wrong with Foulke. Seems clear now - hell if a guy is looking curve and catches a fastball and pounds it, he probably is not tipped - exactly what the Grievster says. You can "catch up" to a change. So the injury is more likely.

And it conitnues a trend. One that pisses me off. Mantei was hiding an ankle injury for a month according to the paper yesterday. Now I know that these guys love to compete and don't want to admit to weakness, etc, etc. But you really have to wonder where do you draw the line.

And I get even more worried thinking about one Curtis Montague Schilling. Hopefully he/we/they have all learned their lessons on not rushing back/pitching through pain. He almost cost us the ALCS last year, before he heroically saved us in the same series.

You know earlier I had posted that the Bombers may make a run at Bret Boone. What about the Sox? Its not like our second baseman is the second coming of Brian Roberts. Sure we poo-pooed the idea of making a run at Biggio (at least Andrew and I did), but that was when we would have had to give up something. But if Boone clears waivers, we would get him for 1/2 the minimum or about $160K. Seems like that might be worth the chance?


  1. So finally, a simultaneous post. Very nice. Different, yet the same.

    I'm not psyched about Boone. His OPS is 35 points lower than Bellhorn's, all on OBP. There's a rumor of a big trade for Boone, which I hope is not true, because it'd be so expensive.

    Then again, watch the Yanks get him and he does really well. A Boone in pinstripes...now I'm feeling nauseous for some reason.

  2. The rumor has to be bullshit. Like the guy points out, they have NO need for Millar. Plus one of the main reasons for releasing Boone was so Jose Lopez could play everyday. Thus, no need for Bellhorn. Unless they are just sending them along to even out the salaries. But I would have to say it is BS.

    Now Guardardo we could use, but he has been battling an injury.

  3. If Boone hits waivers, I can virtually guarantee he'll be gone before h gets to us. And if he did, who would we lose to fit him in? Youk? For an experiment on a guy who's been lousy for two straight years, was probably a roider, and at best would do nothing to solve our biggst problem... No thanks, unless it involves a trade with the M's that also net us Guardado, and even then I'm not thrilled. Luckily, I'd be stunned if Theo went with this move; it seems like exactly the kind of thing he wouldn't do.

  4. Boone is already on waivers. Problem is if someone makes a claim, they will be stuck with the bill for the balance of his $8MM salary. Which pretty much means noone will place a waiver claim.

    Of course a team can deal for him before he clears the waiver period (10 days) and the acquiring team can work out a deal regarding contracts. that would be similar to the Yanks recent dealing of Quantrill.

    I certainly don't see Theo giving up anything of value. And by value I would say a case of used baseballs has value. But if Boone sneaks through waivers it then has to become a consideration at only $160K. But I do think it is not likely. He may end up in SD - he is from SD.

  5. The only way I really see the Sox making a run at Boone is if they trade Bellhorn.

    I'd rather not have the Sox acquire another guy with little speed and a slowing bat.

    This morning I heard a report that Lucchino told Theo to make a deal by this weekend to beef up the pen.