Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Joe Morgan: Worse than I Thought

This article, in which the writer followed Joe Morgan around SBC Park before a game, is really, really awesome. Man, the guy is horrible. We all know about him saying Billy Beane wrote Moneyball, and yelling at someone in a chat session, but it really does get a whole lot worse. I had some problems with Moneyball, but it wasn't because of the baseball...and at least I freakin' read the book. Anyway, check out the article. If eight pages is too much for you, it's important you at least know what Michael Lewis had to say:
"the only way Joe Morgan can lose his job is if he got caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."


  1. I especially liked this:

    "Morgan is in the middle of a paradigm shift in baseball, and he doesn't know it. It's how baseball evolves. Every decade has its great debates and controversies, and they all play out in roughly the same fashion. There's much fretting about the state of the game; there's a book or two; there's an ESPN Outside the Lines special; and at some point, inevitably, George Will is summoned from whatever coffin he happens to be inhabiting and deposited in front of a TV camera."

    Bravo. Nice find, by the way.

  2. I saw Fire Joe Morgan just linked to the article, "courtesy of Andrew". Apparently my email to them wasn't good enough. Now I am going to cry.

  3. See now you made me feel all bad.

  4. If it will help get Joe fired, I volunteer Jeremy to be the little boy.

    Am I missing something about the email?