Monday, July 18, 2005

Physical graffiti

Sox get Kazmir on the ropes, loading the bases with no outs, and manage only one run. Now Miller gives up a leadoff triple. I'm feeling sick again.

[Update: and that was just the first inning. Sox lose to the mighty D-Rays, will probably be 2nd in the AL East in a couple hours, and Damon's hit streak is over. Also, earlier today I ran a red light with one of those camera-thingies on it, so I think there may be a $350 ticket on its way. All in all, an awesome day.]


  1. Yeah that sure sucked....

    what I would have like to see Theo do is use this series against TB and the one next week in TB to audition one or two of these young arms and see if any of them can help. Sure it would have taken some roster creativity, but we do have Wells suspension coming up, which will require a spot starter. hell, the could have put Bellhorn on the DL today, brought up Alvarez to pitch tonight, started Cora at 2B, and then send out alvarez after the game and brought Youk up tomorrow - pushing everyone back a game. Or do something like that later this week with one of the other kids. Just a thought. Might as well find out if one of these guys can help us this year.

  2. Newest rumor...

    Bill Mueller to the Twins for JC Romero...

    Looks like Youk is going to be our 3b after all.

    Of course, the Marlins also want whoever takes Burnett to take Lowell...There is a strong Sox/Marlins connection...Possible?

    The thing is that these past few losses have been because of starting pitching. Granted, last night Miller pitched fairly well. But then the pen held and gave us a chance.

    The pen didn't really lose those games against the Yankees, either. If Clement gives us a few good innings (Gonzales was great in relief) we might get that game. If Arroyo doesn't keep giving back the lead, we win the first game...

    Looks like Schill and Bradford may have solidified things out there for a little while. We still need an arm, but Mueller has played great D at third and has been consistent with the bat...

  3. "Billy Mueller, he's a good ball player," Grady Little(read - "BillahMillar hesah goodbawl playah").

    Mueller has quietly grown to be one of my favorite Sox. He's a great defensive 3rd baseman and as Grieve pointed out his consistent. That being said, if you have a guy like Youk who's going to be the future 3rd baseman and you need pitching and people are interested, that's the way things work.

    All that being said, I have to say, while the bull pen has looked like the issue all season long, it all of a sudden feels like we need starting pitching. Unfortunately, while Schilling and Bradford have helped a ton to tighten up the bull pen, we are totally missing Schilling's 6-7 innings every 5 games.

    Theo please send help!

  4. I'd actually say the offense is the big problem. This team should score 6 runs a game. Most of them have looked terrible at the plate lately. In the last two games, there were two 0-out, bases-loaded situations; in both cases, the next AB was a GIDP, and one run was scored each time. Make those into single outs, and the Sox probably win both games.

    I'm still pissed Olerud didn't come into the game 2 nights ago.

  5. One other thing: I really hope we don't trade Mueller. If Youk's our everyday 3B, who plays second? If we're giving it to Hanley, fine. But I will not be able to stand 2+ weeks of Alex Cora.

  6. Honestly, I think Cora could do a good job there. He had a few hits last night, he has speed, and is a pretty good glove guy...