Sunday, July 31, 2005

Quote of the day

"Manny being Manny...I'm back!"
(Manny Ramirez, postgame interview)

Best win of the season, easily.


  1. NICE!!!! A fitting cap to a very unusual but happy day.

  2. All is once again right in the world. The more I think about this game,this eek, and that moment, the more I realize that it must rank among the very best regular season moments I've ever seen. Ever. What a fantastic event. I freakin' love Manny Ramirez.

  3. A quick checkin from the road.

    today's game WAS great. And it was even better from JT and my vantage point a top the monster.

    Traveling back from boston tomorrow, so I will still be off the wires for another day. Lots to catch up on.

    Oh and I just saw Troy, his wife and what were probably their parents going into Finale for a little dessert. I wanted to say something like "I hope you come back soon." But bit my tongue. He had his ring on. It is HUGE.

    This after JT and I saw Sam Horn atop the Monster and he had his ring on and we were within 24 inches of it. Wow. And speaking of monters. that is one big dude.

    Last note - I'm glad no real trades were made. And yes, I'm glad Embree is a Yankee. Hehehe

  4. Damn I'm jealous. That sounds incredible. I didn't make it to Fenway last year, and probably won't this year -- sad.

    I need to move back to Boston.

  5. Earl, those words are magic to my ears!!!

    yea, the $25 standing room tickets are well worth it. I would recommend getting to the game more than 45 minutes before the first pitch as most of the prime seats were taken.

    Longo and I managed to get a nice spot right behind the idiots who paid $5,000 each to sit in "monster Corner" (just to the left of the "Fisk pole" if you're looking from home plate). I guess the other $4,975 covered a seat, $10 in voucher money, a corny bag, and a brief trip to the field.

    I do have to say we had a perfect view of the club house when Sterns came up to bat. X and I surmise that Tito said all of two words to Manny and he was up on deck.

    I hope things aren't too strained between them. I do get a feeling that the "personalities" in the club house have now straighten themselves out a bit.

    Let's kick some butt!

  6. in the preceding inning the television coverage had Tito and Manny going over the lineup discussing possibilities for Manny pitching in...The inning ended and Stern was inserted in the lineup as Millar moved to first. This put Stern in the Olerud spot thanks to the double switch. I guess it was too much to ask a guy making more money per at-bat than most of us make in a year to play the field for half an inning. But in the end, Manny delived the winning single.

    The guy is a loser. he's a heck of a hitter and can play left pretty well, but not much of a team guy...Oh well, not everyone can be Trot Nixon...

    I, for one, wish that most of this stuff didn't make it to the media. I am getting sick of all these rich guys complaining...I love this team and I am praying they repeat for many years....but these rich guys are killing me...just shut up and be happy that you were given the ability to play with the media because IT IS YOUR JOB...