Monday, August 01, 2005

The First Big Name

Wow...Palmiero gets a suspension for roids...That's a shame. He is maintaining that he's never done roids...period...I know that this will get a rise out of the Latin ballplayers. They were complaining that they were being targeted before...Now that the first big name is Palmeiro, I am expecting more anger.

Secondly, should Giambi be tested again? The guy was terrible until his recent weight gain...He's worked hard and added all that muscle without the aid of roids? Are we going to fall for that again? The guy hit 14 homers this July!!! That is ridiculous. Test him already...

Either way, I wish that I could just "hit the gym" and, without any added aid, gain 20 pounds of muscle. I've worked out and I will say it is difficult to gain that much weight when putting on muscle because muscle makes you burn fat...and lose weight...

Anyway, I hope that it turns out that Palmeiro gets re-tested and it shows up negative...I've been a big supporter of his...For him to get caught and NOT Bonds and NOT McGwire and NOT Sosa is terrible...


  1. 1) Word is, Buster Olney has confirmed it was steroids, and the result was rechecked a number of times.

    2) If I remember correctly, Palmeiro's fluent in English, so the language barrier really isn't there.

    3) In Palmeiro's statements, he keeps saying he never "intentionally" used banned substances. Seems possible he could've told his trainer to give him whatever, just not to let him know about it.

    4) I wonder about Giambi too. His hitting definitely turned around about the time they were talking about a minor-league stint for him...a month later, really. I have no idea how long the stuff takes to kick in. Either way, I'm sure he's been tested, and I'm sure if he's on something, it's something undetectable, like HGH.

    5) What also sucks about this is that it looks like Canseco was right.

  2. Good article here, by Will Carroll (who just wrote a book on 'roids so knows what he's talking about). He mentions "cross contamination" as a possibility -- a taking a legal supplement which is contaminated with a banned one, presumably due to sloppiness in the lab.

  3. Giambi must be on something. Absurd that they can't catch him.

  4. Well, we can all be pretty sure this guy isn't on steroids. (At least, not any more.)

  5. Hey, Earl...remember when Manny Alexander was caught taking roids (or at least they were found in his car) and people joked about it? I remember Daubach even saying something about how his own body would be the anti-steroid poster boy...

    And Alexander sucked...

    I will say this about Giambi's home runs...At least the ones that I have seen. They are not the mammoth blasts that he used to hit. Most of them are just clearing the short porch in right field in the Bronx...But, with that said, the guy couldn't catch up to any fastball earlier...

    If we want to take a look at how quickly these things work, let's take a rough average...In an off-season a player could put on 20-30 pounds of "muscle"...Balco guys cop a plea...One month later someone goes on a tear...If the off-season is around 3 months, that is 7-10 pounds a month going on...7-10 pounds could account for fly balls just short of the wall now just clearing the wall..

    In an additional story...Balco guys go down...Bonds says he'll be back this season...Palmeiro gets caught and TODAY Bonds says he is out for the rest of the season...

    Funny...not that he was tearing it up or anything, but Sosa looks to have heated up around the same time as Giambi... he hasn't put up the Giambi July, but he was definitely better...

  6. All good points. And your estimate for the speed of steroid effects seems about right.

    I forgot about Manny Alexander. That's awesome. How come the Red Sox players caught roiding are terrible, and the Yankees roiders are among their best hitters?...

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