Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The National Press

Ok, so we complain about Boston writers...Ok, we complain about Boston writers a lot. Ok, I complain. But I am noticing a trend, and I am wondering if those of you out of the Boston area could verify or disprove my theory. My theory?

Baseball writers are always looking for a new story. The Sox curse was one of the biggest stories/legends in baseball for 86 years (for the better part of 86 years anyway). Now, it's like just about every columnist wants them to fail, or will find fault with them in some way, some how. Meanwhile, it seems to be the White Sox turn to be the darlings of the press. Here are two quotes from this weeks SI Power Rankings I submit as evidence.

The White Sox (Rank #1):
"Lots of people have contributed to what's becoming a special season on the South Side..."

The Red Sox (Rank #5--behind White Sox, Cards, Braves, and A's):
"Don't kid yourselves. They'd still love to be rid of Manny Ramirez, especially since he'll become a 10-and-5 man in the offseason with full trade veto power. But with $64 million and three-plus years remaining on Manny's contract, GM Theo Epstein's options are limited to say the least."

So let's take a look at the last week. The Sox swept two series, but then played poorly in Minnesota (but still almost took two of three there). But what they choose to write about in Manny. Who, by the way, has been very good in the wake of all of this...And, let's face it...the Sox would be going nowhere quickly without him.

The White Sox--"A very special season"? Whoa...slow down there, buddy. Yes, they will win their division, but look at their division. Where's the competition? There's a long way to go before the White Sox start to celebrate...

My point? The press want another "curse" broken. It's been longer for the White Sox than the Red Sox (even before last year). So where was this story when the White Sox were out in front last year? Granted, they are better this year, but come on already.

Again, this is not to trash the White Sox, but to spot a trend in reporting.

It is the in-thing to trash the "old news" that last year was the biggest story in sports in a LONG time. I bring back my "alternative music" theory. It was cool, back in the day, to like a band until they "sold out". Then people thought they sucked. It seems like the baseball press is considering winning the WS "selling out"...

It's strange, but I don't remember this kind of sarcasm hitting the Angels the year following their victory, or the Marlins for that matter. Hell, the Yankees won a bunch of years in a row and were a dynasty for all to love (except, of course, us Boston fans). So why is Boston taking this heat?

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