Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The fourth perfect game

Don Larsen 1956 World Series.

Who cares. This world already has enough crap written that glorifies all things Yankee. I will not add to this.


  1. I guess we won't be hearing much about Cone or Wells either then?

  2. I may be able to muster up enough strength to write something about those two. They don't have the history.

    Each chapter runs about 18 pages (with of course the excption of the Larsen chapter that felt like it was 88 pages but was really "only" 24.) About 4 pages deal with the game itself and a few more on background/composition of the teams, etc. And about 8 pages highlighting what is going on in the baseball world. so the larsen game might as well have been a billy crystal or bob costa soliloquy of the greatness of Yankee stadium, tradition, blah, blah, blah