Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If Matt had a brother.....

And he was a Yankee fan. He would write this.


  1. My impression of that article:

    1) If you think we're gonna ctch the Sox, you're nuts.

    2) The payroll, which has been in a prolonged slump all year, will break out of it and carry the team down the stretch.

    3) People like Joe Torre.

    4) It's ossible our owner had a stroke.


    6) No other manager in the league could come up with the brilliant plan of riding one reliever after another into the ground.

    7) Cleveland shivers at thevery name 'Jeter'. Shivers!

    8) Even though a team that, a year ago,I would have said had a history of rolling over for the Yanks ended up steamrolling over the Yanks in historic fashion, here's a list of some other teams we've beaten in the past. Clearly, they stand no chance.

    9) I'm so bad, the Post sports sectin wouldn't even let me write for them.

    10) Jason Giambi sucks, but at least he's off the hook.

    Incontrovertible evidence here, people.

  2. I like #2. The payroll's due, man.

    Also, that guy's statement that "There are actually 208 million reasons the Yankees will play into October" is really stupid. Does that mean there are "only" 121 million reasons for the Red Sox to make it? Hell, by that logic even the Devil Rays have 30 million reasons to make it.

  3. But doesn't the 208 million reasons include about 15 million for brown and 10 million for pavano, as well as some other millions for Stanton and Karsay - so in reality it is really only a 170 million reason ballclub.

    Other impressions:

    4 - Chacon is due to return to the form of 5.00 pitcher any day now - will he still be a get.

    5. Isn't Petagenie and Olerud playing instead of Millar a get? And Papelbon. And T-graf over K-horn?

    9. Sheff not mentioning deferred payments. How exactly does that help win games?

    21. the yankees collective experience blah blah blah - really helped last year in the ALCS.

    24. Cleveland psyched out by the Yanks. Um didn't CLE win 2 of 3 a few weeks back and came within one bad Wickman inning of a sweep.

    26. Yanks have MO - sure helped last year.

  4. It's almost too bad we won't see the Yankees in the Playoffs this year. I'll miss the chanceto tell them that they just 'don't have what it takes' to win in October.

  5. So is it just me or are the sox keeping Remlinger until right around september 1 so that there is not enough time for someone else to pick him up and come back and haunt the Sox in October?

    although I guess they could have dfa'd him yesterday and still essentially controlled his destiny for the 8 days prior to 9/1.

  6. My favorite tidbit from today's paper (NYT):

    "Tom Gordon did not speak to reporters before the game. He is recovering from a urinary tract infection that kept him out of Monday's game against the Blue Jays."

  7. I hope not. f we're worried about Remlinger coming back to haunt, we're not gonna win a single game.

  8. Hey, you ever had one of those things? They hurt like the bejesus, even while just walking.

  9. I'm not that worried, but the Yanks waited about 30 seconds to grab Embree. Hey, maybe we should deliver Remlinger to NY....

  10. Something must be wrong with my radio. It just said Millar hit a HR.

  11. Hey, I tear the Sox when they deserve it...I am not a blind Sox fan, I just think that they are the team in the AL to beat...

    Of course the red hot KC Royals did that last night...

    Here's a question. I thought there was a PA rule that said if a team is traveling across time zones and have a game the next day that the preceding game must be a day game. Why, then, are the Sox playing tonight?

    Here's another question...Was DeJesus out or safe?

    And yet another question...Wasn't it cool when we saw Ivan DeJesus as the third base coach at that Lowell Spinners game?

    And now a statement...While the Sox lost in extra innings it is nice to see that probably the most reliable Yankees starter this year got rocked...

  12. The PA rule on time zones/travel is only specific for travel from Pacific time to Eastern time - those west coast games have to be scheduled to start before 5:00PM Pacific and can not have an East coast game before 7:00.

    The other get away rules are that if the team has an offday the next day, the game has to start before 5 if the next day's game is a day game and the flight is more than an hour and a half.

    Dejesus was clearly safe from the replay on the KC feed - it took about four angles before they caught it, but Tek did not stop the momentum of the slide and he appeared to actually not even tag him until well after he had touched the plate.

  13. Yankees blog discussing that same list here.