Monday, August 29, 2005

Gordon Edes - GYS Reader?

Did you see the lead to his article?


  1. I'm missing it...What did he get from here?

    By the way...I have seen a few things (from our chats) surfacing in writing lately...Shaugnessy especially...

    Also, I ALWAYS see a ton of our stuff in Eric Wilbur's blog...and he is hosted on!

  2. The stat on the bullpen allowing runs is pretty prominent in here:

    "But had the sellout crowd of 34,658 known that yesterday would be the second time in the last 21 games that the Sox bullpen did not give up a run -- don't choke on your granola, you read that right -- the fans might have been on their feet, wildly cheering at the end of yesterday's 11-3 win over the Detroit Tigers."

  3. I think all it means is they come up with same (mostly obvious) stuff we do. Only they get paid to that. Paid a lot. We get paid to do other stuff.

  4. We get paid...I don't actually do all that much...

    Earl, I would check out some previous Eric Wilbur blogs and there are almost exact quotes...I will look for some...If I can find some of his previous blogs that is...

  5. Yeah I think things are pretty universal - there is not much new or unique analysis that is being done. Especially when it is a bunch of guys just shooting from the hip - like last week I put up a post on the Newsday article or the week before I had a chuckle about Curt's talking to himself/praying and Earl found two nearly identical blogs discussing the same.

    As for them getting paid to do it and paid a lot. Do you think the globe writers actually make good coin? I would think there are very few that do. Maybe CHB and Ryan. I doubt Edes gets paid well (from the Globe anyway). I think they do all these side gigs (radio, TV, etc to make most of their money.

    Who knows who half these guys are. Chris Snow? Hell today the Globe had some guy named Fluto writing a sidebar about Wells.