Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Schilling - not looking good

Yikes. Between TB and KC. The two worst teams and he has an ERA of about 15.


  1. Yes, but after the second he was solid. At more times than not he looked pretty good(that's after those first two innings).

    Also, the bullpen held...only one run in 3 innings, and that came after Bradford struck out, I can't remember, Gaithwright? Of course, strike 3 was called a ball...and then he hit the single.

    I think that this is a start on which Schilling can build. We will see who shows up against Anaheim, or Los Angeles, or California, or whatever their name is...

    He was up close to 100 pitches, and he still looked strong when he finished the sixth. That was way faster than I thought he'd get there.

  2. Also, TB is one of the worst teams because of their first half...They are one of the better teams since the All-Star break...

  3. I'm not sure if I'd call him "solid" after the 2nd. He definitely didn't suck, but a huge fraction of his outs were loooonnnngggg fly balls. I mean, I know he's a flyball pitcher, but I don't remember it ever being quite like that.

    Still, I'm more encouraged after that outing than after his previous one.

    Agreed on Tampa Bay -- these guys (Lugo/Crawford/Gomes/Cantu) could make for a scary lineup in a couple years, assuming TB keeps them.

    I only saw highlights of late innings, Toby Hall looked way safe. That was a gift.

  4. I forgot about the game against Chicago...Schilling starts on Monday against the White Sox at Fenway.

    I would say 2 hits and a walk in four innings is pretty solid. I don't care how the outs came about. There were two long flies (one Nixon jumped when he didn't need to), but there were some ground balls (the Graffanino falling over second base...should've been two) and some Ks mixed in...

    Schilling is not a blow it by you pitcher right now and Tampa is a contact team. If he gives us 6 innings at 4 or 5 runs I'll take it. Again, there's not much starting pitching that is going to keep us down with this offense. And I do think that he'll improve.

    One strange thing I noted...He throws harder from the stretch. Not sure why. Maybe because he worked on his relief role mechanics more? Any ideas?

    Also, the pitch that was getting him in to trouble was his splitter. When he abandoned that he was very good.

  5. Only time will tell on Schill.

    Throwing harder from the stretch - maybe his ankle has not fully heeled and when he is in the strecth the foot twists and turns less than from the windup.

  6. Sorry, but there were more than two long flies. Cantu's flyout in the 4th (stranding 2), Gomes's and Lee's flyouts in the 5th, and Lugo's flyout in the 6th (stranding 1) were all warning-track deep. Not to mention the big doubles and triples in the 2nd.

    Like I said, I'm encouraged by the outing. But there's no denying that the Devil Rays were having no trouble getting good wood on the ball (tee hee!). Those same pitches could've easily been hit for 2B/3B/HR's.

    I agree that they key is his "splitter" -- time will tell.