Monday, August 15, 2005

My new game

It's a sloooowww day at work, and still no baseball for another 40 minutes, so I've been entertaining myself with a new game. The rules are simple: paste some text into the Google Translator; translate it to German; translate the output to French; and finally translate that back to English. Loads o' fun -- it's like a game of Telephone, for people with no friends. People like me.

Here's the translated first paragraph of an earlier post of mine discussing whether Mariano Rivera should get the Cy Young:
There is recently a quantity of conversation on of Mariano Rivera that the boy receives ALCy this year; p. e.g. here, here and on BBTN. It seems ridiculous on its face. For a thing all the supports Harold Reynolds is stupidly jumped to be. Moreover, MOS on the stage aiming to deform it 72 Inn-Ing rights which is really really weak. More this one, a bad year for Al-Choke is not; * while none solid mass standouts, Roy Halladay and one to mark right Buerhle to dominate (although Halladays to wound), and Barry Zito to leave late unstoppable (8 profit and an ERA 2,33 in its last 8 beginning). Lastly, there is the obvious problem that it is a jug of relief. Eric Gagne received boy Cy 2003, but there were two special circumstances, year: (1) was it a bad year for of NL-Pitching, only Prior marking and Jason Schmidt which has even a probability; and (2) Gains it had 55 stores (10 more than its naehster competitor, John Smoltz) and zero stores puffed up. It was more this band which all, received to it him Cy. the MOS on a stage for 44, but Wickman, Hermanson, Nathan and Guardado would have on which stores also maintenance much. He two stores more obviously roasted.
Damn, that's like 100 times better than the original. And the phrase "there is the obvious problem that it is a jug of relief" may be the single best thing I have ever written. Maybe I should start writing like that all the time.


  1. I like the part where it says "zero stores puffed up" in reference to blown saves. I think we should start using it.

    Like, "jeez i really hope Rivera puffs up the store tonight." Use it with people that don't post here (which is almost everyone in the universe) and then act incredulous when they have never heard of the term. "WHAT?? I can't believe you'ver never heard that phrase!"

  2. I'm a huge fan of text translators, and had no idea Google had developed one; I just kept using Babelfish (which still has more options, and allows you to translate entire web pages just by entering the URL). Some of the things that pop out are flat out amazing... there was an old translation of a Spanish sports article that spoke of the 'flaming red averages' (medias rojas cadente, "red hot Red Sox").

    I was a very large ventilator of the translators of text and did not have a Google idea developed; I precisely held, Babelfish (which has to use even more elections and is allowed to translate total sides of network, precisely by recording URL). * the some thing, which claquer, flat aus to surprise it outside... an old man to translate one of an article there, ray the ' red flaming of the average (mediasrojascadente, "red red heat Sox").

  3. And from here on out we will refer to Andrew as "the very large ventilator of the translators".

  4. I was a very large ventilator of the translators. Given the advances in translation ventilator technology, I am now oly medium-sized.

  5. This is even better going from English to Korean and back. The last paragraph of this post then reads:

    "Imprecation and that's see 100 sickles do specifically more well. And the kettle of undulation " it goes out and also the best thing log whose it is simple to write until now, does not know, that, the phrase " from that place is the problem which is clear. The writing all hour which is born possibly it wrote, must start."

    Like poetry.

  6. Speaking of puffing up the store...


  7. Please people, the only translator worth mentioning is gizzogle. (The first paragraph above)

    Its a sloooowww day at wizzork, n still no baseball fo` anotha 40 minutes, so ive bizzy entertain'n me witta new game. tha rules is simple: paste some tiznext into tha google translator; translate it ta german; translate tha output ta french; n finally translate that bizzy ta english with my hoes on my side, and my strap on my back. loads o fun -- its like a game of telephizzles fo` thugz wit no friends. thugz like me.

    See Jesse, now you're a thugz wit no friends.