Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Each New York newspaper has an article today on Giambi and Palmeiro. Predictably, George King of the post says Giambi's clean because "multiple sources" confirmed it. The NYT has kept its mouth shut about Giambi's power surge; my guess is they're hedging their bets. Not one paper mentions that HGH and other drugs are not tested for; as far as I can tell from surfing th web that loophole is not widely known by many baseball fans. The more I read about it, the more I've decided the current testing is a sham. From the Post:
In order for a player to undergo additional testing other than the random tests when his team is tested, the HPAC Committee would have to approve it. HPAC is a four-man group represented by the Players Association, MLB and one doctor from each side.
One doctor "from each side"? Great. How about someone...I dunno, not bought and paid for?

Also, Joe Torre on Palmeiro:
"The doubt is there; that's the problem...Just from hearing his statement that he made a mistake...the only way you clear that up is to just let people in on what the mistake was."
Exactly. Now apply that to Giambi's non-apology from just a few months ago. Now you'll see why I'll always be skeptical of that man.


  1. Skeptical of Giambi? or Torre?

    I say both.

    Isn't Palmeiro on the HPAC? I seem to recall he was appointed to some committee to try to flush steroid use from the game