Monday, August 15, 2005

Great Expectations

Joe Torre, on Jaret Wright's start in Tampa Bay tonight:

"I'm not sure how sharp he's gonna be. When a pitcher goes down and has surgery it's not really fair to count on him."

Wright's last surgery was in late 2001.


  1. Cashman on the Tony Bruno show this AM was asked if he had any regrets about how the roster was contstructed for the current year, specifically the pitching.

    And Cashman's shocking response - "no." No regrets - he said some may question the Wright signing because he had been injured in the past, but no one would have guessed Pavano would get hurt because he has no history of injury. Um, okay, never mind the two and half seasons he missed.

    And he went on to say no one could have predicted Wang would get hurt. Interesting - if you had believed that Wang was even a part of their plans.

    I know, its not like he'll go on the air and say - yeah I screwed up and sure wish I had done it differently. But it was interesting.

  2. As for the "no regrets": I've assumed Wright was a Steinbrenner "must-have". So to the extent that Cashman was doing what he was told to by his boss, I guess it's okay to say he has no regrets.

    As for the Wang and Pavano comments, those are just...weird. Comments about Pavano on Baseball Prospectus:

    Pavano’s medical history reads like a script from ER minus the incestuous frolicking by an ethnically diverse cast.

    Expect to find Pavano’s picture under the definition of "tendinitis."

  3. Exactly - I was viewing the comments over at Replacement Level Yankee blog and there were some people there that expressed surprise that Pavano was out. I put up a comment about his history in 2000-2002 and (aside from getting barred from the site - seriously) the retort was essentially "hey he was healthy for the last two years."

    well, okay so they make $40 MM decisions based on two years. They also did the same with Brown (only $30 MM in his case).

    It was a strange interview with Cashman, but you are right. You can't put a price on doing what the boss says.