Saturday, August 20, 2005


This is by far my worst year for Sox game attendance of the last 10, with today's game being the first I've actually attended (note to self: get out of LA). What a welcome back. It was ridiculously frustrating, with the Sox's weaknesses, defense and bullpen, completely exposed. Unearned runs made the difference, as did the relief pitching. Seriously, this team is in trouble. And the Yanks are only 3 games back now. Let's get a win tomorrow (I'll be at that one also).

The Red Sox bullpen has given up at least one run in every game since August 3. That is just terrible. On the bright side, Mike Remlinger (Game 6) got an out without giving up a run.


  1. Oh great, throw up a post exactly 5 minutes after I leave a comment wondering abut why there are no new posts. Now I look like an idiot. More.

  2. Yeah, sorry about that. Posting is light because the Sox are in town. I have friends visiting all weekend, and X and his wife drove down to catch a couple games also. So not much time on the computer these days.

  3. Then the Sox won the last game...The Yankees lost and we're back to 4 games.

    A team like the Angels is supposed to challenge the Sox. So are the White Sox...4-2 in our last six games against those two teams...

    Yes, there are some holes, but it looks like Papelbon might stay, and I am still not afraid of any AL team...Schilling will head back to the rotation...Foulke will return and Papelbon will stay in the starting rotation (he should) and Arroyo heads to the pen.

    The offense is ridiculous on this team, and they still have a ton of home games.

    They should win their division...Then, again if things stand, the A's line up against the White Sox...There's at least one good pitching team gone...I like the Sox against Anaheim, Los Angeles and surrounding area Angels...One thing that can be said about this last series is that the bullpen didn't cost us any games...

    We're still 4 up without an ace and without a real closer...

  4. The part that troubles me is the very last sentance:

    "without an ace and without a real closer... "

    Sure we may win the division and even end up with the best record in the AL, but unless Schilling and/or Foulke can return to their 2004 selves, do you really think this team will go deep into October?

  5. Teams without an ace that went deep into October: 2004 St. Louis Cardinals, 2003 New York Yankees, 2003 Florida Marlins, 2002 Anaheim Angels, 2000 New York Mets...

    Though I actually can't think of one in recent memory that did so without a solid closer.

  6. Becket sure acted like an ace in 03 and his numbers were distorted because he had been hurt. 2003 Yankees had both Moose and Roger winning 17 games and Pettite with 21 wins. Angels got that great year out of Washburn (3rd in Cy voting)

    Teams that did not go far in October without an Ace:

    2004 Dodgers
    2004 Braves
    2004 Angels
    2003 A's (Hudson was hurt)
    2003 Minnesota
    2002 Minnesota
    2001 Houston
    2000 White Sox
    2000 Giants
    2000 Seattle

    Of course none of those teams had one of the top offenses in the game. Interesting thing I noticed yesterday about the Sox - the Sox still lead MLB in runs scored, but do so with only 3 (active) players in double digits in HR. Sure Manny and Papi have the most of any teammates, but it seemed odd.

  7. Ok, I will contribute this...Garland is reverting to his old self. Since the break he is 3-3 with (still) a pretty good ERA but a .296 BAA. As someone with him on their fantasy team I can attest to the fact that he is no longer an "ace". Also, Dustin Hermanson is not a great closer. Despite his numbers does he intimidate you? For instance he has a 10+ ERA against our beloved Red Sox and a 10+ERA against the Angels. He has been VERY impressive against Detriot, KC, and the like...

    Of course we need Foulke, but we've run with the big boys without Schilling and Foulke. We've gotten to Garland and Buerhle. We split on the road with the Angels (and the Fenway series is coming).

    Would I prefer it if Schilling was solid in the rotation and Foulke came back strong? Of course...

    But I still think this team has a great chance of heading deep in the playoffs with or without...