Monday, August 29, 2005


If this comes back to bite us on the ass, I swear I'm off the Theo bandwagon. Hell, I'll even take down that full-size poster of Theo that's currently on the ceiling over my bed. (Wait, did I just type that? I meant to only think it. Crap.)


  1. Also: 11 runs in the first inning of the Detroit-Cleveland game. Scored on a sac fly, two singles, two doubles, a triple, a solo home run, and a grand slam (Dmitri Young's 2nd in three days).

  2. All we have to do is throw the ball in the strike zone against him and we should be ok...

    Don't they already have Cano???

    Also, doesn't this totally take away from the Yankees/Sox rivalry? I mean Embree and Bellhorn are now Yankees...Granted the Sox DFA'd both of them, but it seems less and less like there really is any rivalry amongst the players...

  3. Don't they already have Cano???

    Hell, lately Cano makes Bellhorn look like a slugger this year.


    Post ASB: .249/.280/.333 a whopping .613 OPS
    August, even worse:

    .190/.241/.220!! slugging/.461 OPS

    Of course the sox could have played games with his rehab and stretched him out past 9/1, but then you run the risk of players never wanting to come to the team.

    And just watch Remlinger may very well end up in stripes.

  4. The scary thing is, even with those numbers, Cano will get a few votes for ROY. gotta love NY.

  5. Wow, I had no idea Cano was struggling so much. Damn.

    Can you believe two of The Twenty-Five are about to be in pinstripes? Unbelieveable.

  6. And Cano has been struggling with fundamentals - he got picked off the other night and looked horrible. Plus he threw to a wrong base on a cutoff play.

  7. Anyone seen the Chrysler commercial with Snoop. Classic. We all know he is a sell out, but one with Lee Iacooca (sp?)

    At the beginning he says "What's up Mofo Coco. Classic.

    I was watching the Snoop show on MTV this weekend - he was too funny. He went and worked at a pet store and found some catnip and decided to smoke it. Then got all made at the cat for not sharing earlier with him.

  8. I mean, really now. Lee Iacocca? Does anyone under the age of 30 know who he is? He's not well-known enough to even seem ridiculous next to Snoop Dogg. Not to mention the lame Seinfeld-ripoff ads, or the "cute" ones with him and his granddaughter.

    Nice win today, I guess. Clement looked great, Papi still hitting in post-Bootylemur form. Though Alvarez gave up a bunch of runs. A good chance to give AA some ML experience I guess. But Papelbon gave up another one; all 3 of his relief appearances have been questionable, after 3 great starts...

    Sorry for the rambling. With the exception of yesterday's Dodgers game, I've been doing nothing but typing the last 3 days. Six more to go.