Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today's Most Improved Player Award...

...goes to Mike Remlinger. After getting his first out in a Red Sox uniform in the bottom of the tenth, his ERA shrunk to 54, and his WHIP to 15. Now those might not sound very good, but you have to remember they were both "infinity" beforehand, so it's really quite an improvement for him. He then managed to load the bases, and give up a grand slam to Craig Monroe, but no harm: his ERA's still 54, and his WHIP actually went down further, to 9. Congratulations, Mike! You are today's Most Improved Player.

Okay, enough harshing. In fairness, his WHIP was seriously hurt by errors in his first two appearances, and I can't help but feel bad for the guy -- he was an All-Star just 3 years ago. Still, he really should be out of a job tomorrow.

Same goes for Alan Trammell.

Same goes for Alan Embree.

Sorry, guys.


  1. His WHIP May have been hurt by errors, but regardless it is an indication of his (lack of) stuff.

    Sure he ended up out there longer, but he still threw the pitches that players hit - regardless of the error.

    Embree - wait. Lets hope he keeps his job a bit longer.

    As for Trammell - he should quit after the Pudge fiasco.

  2. And nice to see Mo puffing up the store.

  3. I agree on all counts. When I typed "should" I meant "is likely to". Trammell really should quit -- sort of like Jimy should've after the Everett fiasco -- to end his managerial stint with dignity. And Agent Embree continues to impress.

    Man, that's two puffed stores ("roasted stores" is acceptable also) for Mo in two chances. Could this be an early indication that the Yanks are suffering from JTFTRPFS (Joe Torre's Favorite Three Relief Pitchers Fatigue Syndrome), like last year?

  4. A few more of those and Mo will pitch himself right out of the Cy Young discussions.

  5. Man, that's a lot of Alans!

  6. When you think about it, Remliger really droppd both the ERA and WHIP by an obscene amount last night - subtract anything from infinity and you still get infinity. So, each dropped an infinite number of points. beat that, Roger Clemens.

  7. (please read in your best Foghorn Leghorn voice)
    Why, I say, why did we send down Delcarmen and waste roster space on Remlinger?

    I say, that's no way to preserve a tenth inning lead, boy. Here, let me show ya, let me show ya how to do that there...

  8. Olerud activated, Youkilis sent down. Poor Youk must be getting really tired of the 95.

    No word on Remlinger.

  9. We lead the league in 1B/DH.

    Millar, Ortiz, Olerud, Petagine. Just awesome. God help us.

  10. I think the only thing keeping Millar on the team right now is that the rosters expand in a couple weeks. He had an amazing June (OPS .994) and a good July (.793) but August has been his worst month so fat (.548). Overall his season is only marginally better than Bellhorn's...except he's much worse defensively, and he's at a power position. FWIW, his utter lack of power (4HR!!!) has led to a lot of speculation that he's an ex-roider...

  11. Youk should be given a helocopter from the club to make his commutes easier. He's a tough kid.

  12. Obviously the Remlinger over Delcarmen decision was driven by two factors - they wanted another lefty in the pen (even though his splits are reverse) and Delcarmen had options available.

    And like Earl pointed out, the guy was an All Star not long ago.

    As for Millar. I would dispute that he had an awesome June. Sure his OPS appears stellar at .994, but he still had virtually no power. 6 doubles, 2 HR and 8 RBI. Most of the S in the OPS was due to the fact he hit .377. Plus he started only 17 games that month. Of course for him, the value is that he supposedly a clubhouse leader (although I doubet Theo gives a crap about that) plus when he is in the game he tends to have great ABs even if the result is less than desired - he always seems to have 8 pitch (or more) ABs.

    True enough with the rosters set to expand in two weeks, I expect some shenanigans so that there is some flexibility for playoff rosters. I bet the Sox would love to keep Foulke on the DL until Sept 1 so that they could see what he has before comittiing to him in the post season.