Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Murray Chass's recent article on the Red Sox

To paraphrase: "Uh, hey, everybody! I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt."


  1. Chass is a strange dude.

    Earlier in the year, he was a bit of a Yankee basher - we even speculated around here (at least I did) that he was bitter as a result of Olney moving onto bigger and better (i.e., much, much more) things (i.e., money).

    This article is ridiculous. He basically wanted to write a Yankee love-fest. And used the preface of the Sox DVD to launch it. And of course, he claims to not even own a DVD. It would be like me writing a book review, but not having read the book. Or better yet, doing a book review of a book written in French.

    Another gem: "Without watching it, I'm sure the DVD set shows Ramirez's contributions of last October." Okay. Its like Joe Morgan not reading moneyball, but claiming to know what is inside it.

    As much as we rail on Bob Ryan and CHB, at least they try. Chass is becoming Evander Holyfield. A one time solid contributor on a world stage. Now well past his prime. Stubbornly refusing to admit the best days are behind him.

  2. Holy crap. Manny and Renteria collide on a fly ball. Hopefully they're ok.

  3. Manny sure was clicking after his mid season rest.

    Now leaving the game. He has a contusion on his face and his head.

    I'm sure the MRI will come back negative.

  4. Yeah, he's been ridiculous. Before I thought Lucchino and Francona were really really stupid for goading the media into all this Manny-hate...maybe they were actually really really smart?

    I hope he plays tomorrow.

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  6. Let me repeat:

    "I'm sure the MRI will come back negative."

    In more ways than one.

    Actually good point on the goading of Ramirez. They threaten to trade him to Texas, he wins a WS MVP. And now this.

    Hell, maybe they should tell him that he is going to co-star in a movie with Johnny Damon, Ben Affleck and Paris Hilton. He's likely to win the triple crown.

  7. Um, it's 4 1/2 and the Yankees are getting worse...The Sox play 24 of their last 36 at home and they play some bottom dwellers...

    I am not getting over-confident, but the additions of Small and Nomo and Embree do not impress me...

    Meanwhile the Sox may have found their next ace in Papelbon. That guy was pretty frickin' impressive in his first outing...And mostly fastballs...I know they sent him down to work out of the pen in Pawtucket...

    And, X, nice call on Leiter...He hasn't been good...

    Also, Chass' quotes about the DVD having Ramirez...Well, the guy was the WS MVP...And to say that if the Sox don't win the division this season it would be a huge humiliation...That's crazy talk...They lost Pedro and Schilling and their closer has been hurt pretty much all season...

    Nice try...

  8. Its projection on Chass' behalf. A $200 million payroll and they might not even make the playoffs - sure they have had their share of injuries, but that would be a REAL humiliation. In fact, their injuries were to be expected.

    Brown - always hurt
    Wright - what a joke that signing was
    Even Pavano had a history of injury. He only had two seasons of over 140 innings. Sure they were his most recent, but still.

    I'm not ready to write them off with that offense, but they do look bad.

    And they are desparate - Nomo? well that is just Leiter all over again. Can't throw strikes.

    I saw that Pavano pitched 6 innings in rehab and said he needs one more rehab start? Is he serious? The Yanks staff is a mess and he wasted 6 innings last night in the minors.

    Last night, I got to thinking that in the last two playoffs, the sox (if my calculations are correct), are 8-1 in games where they face elimination - 4 straight against NY in 2004, Game 6 (W) and 7 (L) vs NY in 2003 and 3 straight against OAK in 2003. That is very impressive.

  9. Pavano really wants another rehab start? Damn, he must have zero confidence. Fine by me.

    As for Sox and elimination games, if you're willing to go back to 1999, their record becomes 11-2. Sure makes it exctiting, huh?

  10. Yeah, I had looked back there but figured this team is largely the same players, where as the only holdovers from the 99 team are Nixon and Tek. And sure the departed Pedro and lady killer D-Lowe played huge parts in the 8 of 9, but the lineup is largely the same.

    As for Pavano - that is what I heard on the radio this AM, but can't find it in the papers.

    Hey the Yanks are interested in Sele as well. I put him in the same category as Leiter and Nomo.

  11. X - not to mention that, if you go back to 1999, the record goes to 11-2; the LCS loss to the Yanks, preceded by 3 straight W's vs. the Indians. We do seem to have a knack for the comeback.

  12. Oh. I really need to learn to read all the comments.

  13. Its funny how that turned around as well.

    Prior to 99, the sox had lost (if my calc is correct, too lazy to look up) 13 post season games in a row. 2 in 86, swept by OAK in 88 and 90 and by CLE in 95. That is probably even more improbably than 8 of 9 elimination games.

  14. Continuing an earlier thread.

    The last two nights saw Jeter ground out to end the game. These ones weren't as bad as his earlier struggles (tying/winning men on).

  15. Look, the Sox are going to get Schill back in the starting rotation. Wells has been very good. We'll see in an hour if Clement was altered by that line drive to the head...Then you choose between Wakefield, Arroyo, and Miller for the pen...My guess is that since Miller needs rest in between throwing and Wake has seniority that Arroyo goes to the pen (where he was great in the playoffs last year).

    The Yankees have RJ (still waiting to heat up during those summer months. Mussina (who seems to be very good for 4-5 innings and that's it). guess is that one bad start in the Bronx and he will go the way of Weaver...Leiter...enough said...Nomo...are you kidding me? And what will they do when Pavano comes back? Which guy goes to the pen?

    The Yankees' offense is very, very good...But they still picked up crappy starters and no pen help...

    You know what would be more humiliating than dropping a 4 1/2 game lead in two months? Blowing an ALCS after being up 3-0...

  16. You know what would be more humiliating than dropping a 4 1/2 game lead in two months? Blowing an ALCS after being up 3-0...

    Nice. As X says, the guy is projecting. He can't deal with what he went through last postseason...

  17. And as Grieve points out - I really like the way the schedule is shaping up.

    I see lots of DET, TB and KC starting in two weeks. And then starting Aug 26, I see lots of Red (home games) - 24 of the last 36. Wow.

    And how sweet does that 13 game homestand look. And while the Sox are brewing some home cooking the Yanks have a west coast trip. And then the Sox head to the Bronx.

  18. Matt Clement and Enigatep today. Nice. lists his full name as Roberto Antonio Petagine Guerra. Any idea why he goes by Petagine?

  19. Isn't it a spanish thing with the names? I seem to recall children often go by their mother's name.

  20. Urgh. That was an ugly inning.

  21. Holy Crap!! That is great.

    I never liked that prick.

    Randolph should be next.


  23. Millar is as slow as a freshly chewed piece of gum spewed out of someone's mouth onto a slab of hot concrete. If it's not hit right at him it's a double. Jeez, I miss Manny out there.

  24. Yesterday Cano bunts with two strikes. Today Cora does it. Wha?

    This game is really really ugly.