Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Two things about Curt Schilling

1) He really puffed up the store last night.
2) There is the obvious problem that he is not a jug of relief.


  1. Well, as Curt himself said last night, "They do not can cost which try to learn your Mannschaftspiele an employment. They cannot do that. There are no excuses, which arrived."

    Say what you will, but man is he a good public speaker.

  2. Damnit - he puffed the f'in store.

    I think there are some interesting decisions coming up. Olerud is eligible to return today, but w/ a lefty going I think they will wait another day. Does this team have to start thinking about DFA'ing Millar? And sticking with Petagine. Although you then have two lefty 1B. At this point, who would you rather have on the playoff roster?

    Foulke is eligible to come back and appears to be making progress, so there goes one more roster spot. Remlinger? As weak as Gonazalez is, he gives you a long option.

    I guess a phantom injury or two could creep in. I would bet that the dugout will get really crowded in two weeks.