Monday, August 29, 2005

Wells Loses Appeal

David Wells will begin his suspension tonight. He was denied because he bumped an umpire that came over to break it up...

So, let's get this clear...
He gets thrown out of a game by an umpire that had nothing to do with the confrontation.
He gets suspended for 6-games (notice that MLB didn't give him the average 5-game/one start) for bumping an umpire that stepped in front of him. Perhaps the ump bumped him?

Now, I think he should have been suspended, but now it is a 6-gamer. While that only pushes his second start back a day, it makes the Sox have to start someone in his place twice.

He will return Sunday against Baltimore.

My guess is that Papelbon goes back to the mound. So our rotation rounds out like this for now.


That doesn't look that bad until you realize that Schilling is not Schilling right now. It also leaves, yet, another hole in the pen...

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  1. What does it all mean? Not much. In fact the suspension may actually help the Sox. The Sox will plug in Papelbon and/or some of the callups for wells start on Friday and then plug him back in Sunday, the first day he is available. Then the sox lineup to have Wells and Schilling start the first two games in the Bronx Spet 16 and 17 and then the same back in Boston to end the season.

    Since the rosters can be expanded Thursday, this souldn't hurt as much if he had to sit out a week ago.

    Of course they need to start pitching more consistently and Schil needs to find his groove....