Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pen Problems...

Ok, so with Miller going to the DL, what do the Sox do?

Foulke isn't back, yet, so Schilling stays in the pen.

Papelbon? I wouldn't mind seeing him back up here, especially if we can juggle the rotation to have him start against Detroit instead of Chicago. That his him, then, miss the Anaheim series and then pitching against KC and TB in his next two starts. It's a real good chance to get this kid's feet wet, and maybe he'll stick. Then move him to the pen and bring Schilling in when Foulke comes back.

And while we are talking about it. Is Remlinger any better at this point than Mark Malaska or Lenny DiNardo? Seriously, the more I think about it the more I don't understand this move.

Of course, we just got Battalico. So what is our pen now? Timlin, Schilling, Remlinger, Bradford, Gonzales, Myers. If Papelbon doesn't come up, that means we are probably moving Schilling in for a spot start (highly unlikely) and Timlin becomes the closer, and Battalico comes up. OR Battalico becomes the closer. Man, that pen is terrible...We NEED Foulke to come back with a vengeance or this team is in trouble.

Of course, they will probably win the division. Wells is good in the post-season. Schilling would have to start. That's a good 1-2 punch. And if we can keep Clement focused with Wake starting 4, we could move Arroyo to the pen. That makes me feel pretty good.


  1. Also forgot to say that the way things are shaping up we would probably face the Angels in the ALDS while the A's and White Sox face off...Of course, that's if things hold.

    For Boston, that's the best case scenario. One of the stronger pitching teams would be eliminated, and we generally own the Angels.

    Of course, that all changes if the A's win the West...

  2. We don't have to worry about the 5th spot for a while. Jeremi Gonzalez is another possibility other than Papelon.

    I really wish we had picked up Shawn Chacon. That's one really good move the Yanks made this season.