Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Third Perfect Game

Charlie Robertson April 30,1922. White sox defeat Detroit 2-0.

Robertson is by far the least accomplished pitcher to twirl a perfect game. His career stats total 49-80. His perfect game was in his fourth start ever. Imagine if Papelbon took the mount two weeks from today and chucked a perfect game. There is a lot of speculation that the game was not exactly, how should I say, legitimate – but it still stands in the record books. Robertson was a known spitball thrower. And in 1922 gambling had not been fully eradicated from the game. There is some speculation that some of the DET players were on the take this day.



  1. Robertson pretty much got his shot only because half of the White Sox had been banned for the 1919 scandal and the other half were sent packing by Comiskey since he was so cheap. The DET team was awful. Although Cobb was in the lineup, he was recovering from a spike infection that had forced him to miss the two weeks immediately prior to the game. The rest of the squad is forgettable.

    Cobb, the DET manager, protested that Robertson was “shining” the ball. He even would send balls to the league office after the game as a protest. Really not much about the game stood out. And it would be 34-1/2 years before the next perfect game.

  2. Sorry for keeping on doing this, it's just so fun...

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