Friday, August 12, 2005


I'm watching the replay of the ninth inning of today's Angels-A's game on FSN West. Kendall's just on 2nd, but it's pretty exciting to watch knowing what's about to happen. In any case, the A's are insane. They've gone 22-5 since the ASB, and 49-16 since May 30th, when they were 14 under .500. Zito's won his last 9 starts, Harden and Haren look great, as do their 4 and 5 starters. Their offense has a great mix of veterans (Chavez, Kendall, Payton) and young guys (Johnson, Ellis, Crosby). This must be great redemption for Billy Beane, who had to endure all those people saying that without Mulder and Hudson the A's stood no chance (*cough, cough*), and that April and May proved it.

If the playoffs were to begin tomorrow, the Red Sox would face the A's. In a five-game series. Absolutely terrifying.

Whoops, there he goes. Awesome. Play of the season so far. (And just a day after the hidden ball trick.)


  1. Oakland is scary now. I would rather play the White Sox at this point. It is important to take 2 of 3 this weekend from them. We'll be facing their 2 best, but right now we're a hitting machine. 3 more days of bashing...please!

  2. That A's game was truly amazing. It is the perfect example of what is so great about baseball. Just when you think you have seen everything, something like this happens.

    One other not from yesterday - I have not read the NY papers yet today, but I wonder if they will be saying that Beltran finally hit something for his $119. Ooh, bad joke.

    I was watching the HBO show where they interviewed Vin Scully and they say he has broadcast over 40 no hitters. I know he has been calling games for 50 years and the Dodgers have some great pitchers, but that is an amazing number.