Friday, August 26, 2005

Pitching bitching

In August, the Sox pitching staff has combined for a 5.19 ERA and 1.49 WHIP. That's third-worst in the AL, beating only Texas and Kansas City. Even across the entire season, Sox pitching is fourth-worst in the AL, with Tampa Bay also behind them. They have the worst bullpen in the AL, by a fairly wide margin (ERA of 5.36; next worst is TB, with 4.98).

There's been a lot of discussion the last couple weeks on this site as to whether a team can survive the postseason with such glaring problems (for example, here, here, and here). But, with the Yanks only 2.5 games out, making it to the postseason is hardly a forgone conclusion.

If the Sox do make the playoffs, it'll be a pretty rare feat: in 2002-04, all 24 teams making the playoffs were in at least the top 8 in terms of team ERA; most (including the 2004 Sox) were in the top 5 or 6.

Pretty scary.


  1. This is EXACTLY why I still wonder how we are in first place. My goodness, if the pitching gets a little better, maybe there's hope. We're still 3 games up in the loss column. Show someone the pitching stats and that person would say this is a next to last place team without knowing beforehand. So let them get their shit together in the final 37 (Bill Lee's number! Wacky enough??)

  2. I'm not as clever as Earl to get links in here - but tonight starts the 12 (now 13) game homestand that many thought would be the catalyst for opening ups osme distance between us and the Yanks. Plus the Yanks head out west next week.

    Lets hope we get some home cooking going.

  3. We were lights out on the last homestand...I agree with X...We need some home cooking.

    It is hard to look at Schilling after that start last night and be very hopeful. I previously wrote that I thought he would be a quality start guy (not an ace). He couldn't even muster that against KC. Even if he gets better from here on out, he'll be doing it against far better competition. Therefore, his starts may all resemble last night. That would be BAD.

    One thing we do have going our way is that we have Mantei on the DL (he won't be coming back), Stern on the DL (might rejoin to 40-man roster, but probably not), Foulke (he'll be back), and Miller (40-man). That means we can still use the two not-to-return DL spots to sneak guys in to the postseason...

    My predictions (IF we make the postseason) are that we will use September to try out Hansen and maybe even Lester, and then use those DL spots to get them in to the postseason.

    What about Miller to the pen? Could his arm take an inning a day better than a start every five days?

  4. I think there are long term overuse considerations, but unless Schilling gets dramatically better or Foulke returns to form (or even near form), I wouldn't mind seeing Papelbon stay in the rotation and putting Schilling back in the pen.

    Let Curt go lights out for an inning or two.

    With Delcarmen or Hansen in the 6th and 7th, Schilling, Foulke, Timlin to take up the 8th or the ninth, they MAY be able to work things out.

    In order to get get Hansen, Delcarmen or Lester on the post season roster, they have to either be on the active roster (25 man) on 9/1, be on the DL, or have another player move to the DL/inactive list after 9/1.

    So we would be better served to leave foulke on the DL for 5 days, which appears to be likely and probably was Theo's plan all along. then we would need some shenanigans to get one or more of the others eligible for October.

  5. That is what we need. A few wins to gain some momemtum. Sure it wasn't pretty, but they scored runs. And held on (barely) to a late lead. Hoe cooking.