Saturday, August 06, 2005

Roster Shenanigans coming??

I read with great interest this article on Bellhorn. As the days of August tick by and the Sox having some uncertainty at a number of positions. I would guess that the Sox will play a few games with the Roster right around September 1. We may see some mysterious injuries in the week before (one of the kids, or a Gonzalez, Dinardo maybe even a Youkilis). Some rehabs prolonged (Foulke, Olerud, Bellhorn).

With the rosters set to expand September 1, I expect there will be at least handful of callups. And, of course, the playoff roster has to be set using players that are active on September 1 or on the DL on that date. The only exception to that is if a player is put on the DL after that date, the team can add on player - this was the K-Rod exception from 2002 when they moved some crappy pitcher who had already been on the 15 day DL to the 60 day DL which opened a spot on the 40 man roster for K-Rod.

But to give the team the most flexibility in roster management for the playoffs, it is in their interest to have a few options. And having players on the DL creates such opportunities.

So I would guess we will see some strange stuff in order for the Sox to give some players more of an audition for a post season roster as well as a chance to create a roster that will give them better matchups.


  1. Yeah, Bellhorn. Ugh. Terry's right -- he really did mean so much for the team last year, and the Sox would prob. have 1-3 extra wins if he were simply slugging like he did last year (or any other year of his career). I have this feeling we won't see him again this season, except maybe, as you say, in September. And then he'll go play for the Brewers or something and start slugging .650.

    Yeah, the upcoming 40-man roster should be interesting...on a related note, one great thing about Red Sox baseball in September is how crowded the dugouts become. (Insert el guapo joke here.)

  2. BTW, just yesterday we were talking about Shea Hillenbrand as one of our all-time least-favorite Sox. He just stole home against Randy Johnson. So that's cool I guess. [Though he's still a petulant bigot who can't draw a walk.]

  3. Okay, it finally happened. Mourneau just hit a ball that hit the runner - with two outs.

    He got credited with the single.

  4. Yep. I noticed that one too, X. Bizarre, but there it is; 6 is our answer (though, what's the ruling on whether a run wuld score in that situation, if the bases were loaded?)

  5. Okay so this is one posting too late, but I figure that noone really goes back and reads past comments.

    It appears that Murray Chass must read GYS. In his latest article:


    He references the Double ZZ. And he actually talks about the Red Sox with spitting venom AND speaks ill of Steinbrenner.

  6. Maybe it is a throw away line, but Edes today:

    "So it falls on Foulke, who also has struggled with personal issues this summer, and it begins tomorrow."

    I wonder if this will set foulke off again. And how much does it really affect his pitching? I mean he is either hurt physically and thus his surgery. Or his emotional problems have messed him up.