Monday, August 08, 2005

It's Time for Some Breathing Room

Enough already...We've talked about how bad the Yankees' starting pitching has been, how hurt they are (Pavano scrapped his latest attempt to comeback due to further shoulder problems, and RJ is now in doubt for his next start as his back is beginning to flare)...Yet, here we are...only 3 1/2 games up...

I am not intimidated by the Yankees. Certainly, I think that we have the upper hand the rest of the season...a ton of home games, better pitching, etc...

However, there they are...

As it turns out, the A's are on fire and very well may win the West. The White Sox are a lock...It does look like losing Hunter will spell the end for the Twins, the Angels are spiraling a bit...So, does the Wild Card come from the East?

If the Sox play up to potential (and what they did in Minnesota this weekend was not an example of that) they will run away with the East. By all accounts they should have run away with it already. The O's have exploded and are done...The D-Rays were done on opening day...The Jays losing Halliday will keep them from seriously hanging in there this year...

That leaves the Yankees...
Will Leiter's one out of every three starts be gems? Is that enough...
Will RJ ever get on track?
Will Pavano come back? If he does, will he be better than before he got hurt?
Will Mussina ever be able to be effective after the 5th?
Will Small continue to come up big?
Will Nomo help?
Is Chacon the answer?

With all of those questions, how could they even be in the equation? Let's not even start with their bullpen...

Yet, there they sit only 3 1/2 back...

Time to open this race up a bit...Let's start tonight against the Rangers...


  1. Yeah, it's insane. Breathing room would be nice. Let's go White Sox. (Ugh.)

    I imagine we'll see a lot of Podsednik SB attempts.

  2. As much as I would like to have some breathing room, I'm just not so sure we will see it any time soon.

    Our best bet starts one week from tonight.

    3 @ DET
    3@LAA (who we have owned)
    A well placed off day - no flying home on a red eye and having a 7:00 game
    3 @ KC
    and then 13 game homestand with Det, TB, Bal and the LAA.

    And while they are on the homestand, the Yanks are out west.

    as much as logic dictates that this is when we can pull away a bit, something tells me that one month tomorrow when we roll into the stadium, the NY headlines will be reading something like "Yanks can pull even with sweep."

    I hope I'm wrong.