Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Random notes on the Rangers game

Never before have I been so happy to see a (non-Yankee) starting pitcher get shelled.

I think the Sox have finally hit on a winning formula: the nine-run inning. If they can get one of those each game, I think they should be in pretty good shape (bullpen and defense be damned).

Speaking of nine-run innings, I know Chan Ho Park isn't very good, but why exactly did the Rangers trade a starting pitcher for another hitter? Is offense their main problem?

Sportscenter, on the umpires botching the call on Kapler's HR: "Rogers clearly gives up a home run, but the arbitrator reduces it to just a double."


  1. The 9 run inning is nice.

    I think the Chan Ho park deal was basically a salary dump.

    as of the previous post and sports writers - I'm not so sure I would read too much into the coverage. I actually think the White Sox ARE having a special season. Sure they have gone a long time since they last threw a world series (or won one), but they really have put together a great season. Even if they don't win the WS.

    And for the Sox - I think there is a lot of animosity nationwide about how hard we (Red Sox Nation) have celebrated our long awaited victory. And I think there was a lot of backlash to the Yankee victories as well - sure Fox has gushed over them for years. But everywhere the Sox go, RSN shows up like bullies that just fucked the prom queen.

  2. I don't see the Rangers saving that much. Park gets $30M in 2005-06; Nevin $19M. So that's $11M difference...only the Rangers sent the Padres some additional cash. I couldn't find how much, but it's safe to say the Rangers are saving less than $10M.

    Yeah, I think there's an anti-Red Sox backlash -- I hate it when RSN acts obnoxious. But then again all fans act obnoxious sometimes. More importantly, the Red Sox Are World Champions.

  3. $10 million is $10 million. And it gets them out from the long term commitment a bit sooner.

    I read the SI power rankings and I'm not ever sure that the comment on Manny was really that inflammatory - at least not enought that it would make me think there is this huge anti-Red Sox bias out there. I think there is a bit, but I don't get it from that ranking. The SI rankings are like USA today. A listing followed by one sentance on the team. A silly sentance at that b/c Manny is on fire.

  4. Man we just fucked the prom queen? That's sweet!