Tuesday, August 30, 2005

General Craziness as September Approaches

Giambi is again crushing the ball...Now I have no idea what is happening. I thought it was Yankees Stadium, but he hit two last night in Seattle. That's four in the last two games. To top that off, over the last month Tino Martinez has hit at a +.300 clip. That's excellent production from a spot no one thought the Yankees would get production from this year. Boooooo.

Clement got a much deserved win. That's 4 good outings in a row now. Between him and Wells we do have two good starters...Now if only Schill can put it together...We'll see tonight.

DiNardo is getting the start on Thursday...What??? Why not Papelbon again? Nothing like being in a pennant race with a slim lead and throwing DiNardo. I understand Papelbon has been used quite a bit in the pen, but make him unavailable until Thursday and start him.

The light throwing Alvarez got knocked around. Where's Delcarmen?

Foulke is back on Thursday. Even if he doesn't close, but is effective....Even if...

746 runs scored for the Sox and counting...This offense is insane.

16 of 17 at Fenway (and they blew the only loss)...

Bellhorn to the Yankees...

We picked up Chad Harville on waivers. Does anyone know why Houston let him go? He seems like he's pretty solid.

What about all this talk regarding Youkilis for Trachsel? I don't see why the Mets would want Youkilis. They have Wright at 3rd. They could use a 1B, but would you want Youk to be your 1B of the future? Doesn't make sense...Plus, is Trachsel all that good?

40-man roster upcoming. I think the Sox should bring up no position players and 15 pitchers...If they can each get an out per game our starters will only have to go 4 innings and will be rested for the playoffs...That's a joke, by the way...Sort of...I think we'll see Delcarmen, Hansen, Foulke, Lester, Ramirez...not sure who else. One thing is for sure, I don't want Jimy Williams type lineups by Francona to "give the young guys a chance". We need to win the vast majority of our remaining games to guarantee a playoff spot.


  1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON DINARDO. I THINK THEY'RE WARPING PAPELBON by putting him in the bullpen.Sorry for caps.

  2. Upon doing a bit more reading this AM, it really is crazy to worry about Bellhorn. the guys wasn't even hitting .200 in AAA. and was striking out there at a greater than once a game clip. And still wih no power.

    And Embree really has not worked out of his season long funk. Sure he picked up the win the other day, but it was against KC.

    That broke a string of 7 straight relief outings of allowing a baserunner. Plus in his last 7 appearances he has struck out exactly 1 batter - 4 -1/2 innings (and 20 batters). This is not the same Embree from 2004. Hell its not even the same Embree from the first month of this year.