Wednesday, July 06, 2005

As I sat on the toilet this morning....

I thought this same exact thing. Well, actually I was thinking he could be the closer - at least for a while. But then I thought, no he would likely need more time to get ready. and for the same reason as not using Miller in the pen I discarded the thought.


  1. Yeah, when I first read it I thought Tito had gone insane. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. If nothing else it'll give the club more control of how much to work Schilling, without risking pissing him off.

    Now, for truly insane managerial moves, check this out.

  2. That would be the case if we were to believe that Pinella is actually trying to win the games and not get himslef fired.

    LaRussa did something like this a while ago - not to this extreme, but he had pitchers "scheduled" to go 3 innings at a time, every three days (or something like that - it was very short lived).

  3. Francona - brilliant move.

    Pinella - hey what the hell.

  4. At lunch today I was saying this...That is crazy. My thoughts were that why have an ace (not ready to go five plus innings) in Pawtucket and go make a trade and give up guys.

    We all agree that one of the starters will go to the pen when Schilling hit the Sox. Why not him? (New t-shirt there)

    Arroyo has trouble with lefties. Not the best choice. Wake is inconsistent enough where you'd like to have him in the starting rotation. He's not good for short relief.

    Wells could do it.
    Miller could do it.
    both of those guys have performance bonuses in their contracts for number of starts...

    I say let Schilling pitch in that role. He certainly can be overpowering and could be a great long guy if you needed him.

    When he's ready to join the rotation, hopefully Foulke will be back and you move someone else to the pen...

    There, with the pen all figured out, we can focus on getting rid of Bellhorn...just kidding...

  5. If Schilling gets one closing oportunity, and he gets the save, I'd be willing to put money down that he'll stay right there for the rest of the season.