Wednesday, July 13, 2005

...has just made a Jayson Stark article for Insiders only. In itself, not a big deal, since most of Stark's articles go something like this:
Twins backup catcher Matt LeCroy sure looked tired running from first to third on Jacque Jones's double on Tuesday's loss to the Indians. Minnesota's Chief Resident of Joke-ometry, first-base coach-cum-court-jester Jerry White, observed "He looked like a steam engine, just a-runnnin' out of steam". No word yet on when the train's due to arrive at the station.
Or something similarly inane and unfunny. But now, of all's contributors, most are Insider only: Neyer, Gammons, Olney, Crasnick, Phillips, Karabell, Gillette, Morgan, and Kruk. Okay, paying to read what Morgan and Kruk has to say is just laughable, as is the whole concept of Steve Phillips talking about what GM's should do. But not being able to read Gammons and Neyer (and hell, Olney and Crasnick are good at times) -- that sucks. I hate ESPN.

On a related note, click here to vote for "which ESPN broadcasting personality is the most totally loathsome and most deserves to suffer permanent paralysis of the vocal cords."

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  1. Steve Phillips talking about what GM's should do.

    If I was a GM, I would pay the money and read the article so that I would know exactly what *not* to do.

    On a related Mets note, I found this article funny. I especially like the part where it says "When the Mets signed Pedro Martínez in the off-season, Minaya predicted that the move would resonate with Dominican prospects who did not know yet where they wanted to play."

    well I'm sure the young martinez was influenced in his decision to sign with the Mets because Pedro pitched there. Give me a break, for $1.5 million he would have signed with the Rockford Peaches.