Sunday, July 03, 2005


Despite a shaky start, David Wells pitched pretty well, for his best outing against the Jays this season; he would've closed out the 7th having given up 4ER, had a 3rd strike not been called a ball and a rookie second-base umpire not overstepped his authoritay and tossed him turning his back from the home plate umpire? I dunno. Anyway, Tito also got tossed, by the first-base umpire. Sox were down by 4, but won by 2, thanks to runs scored in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th; highlights included a bases-loaded smash by Mueller for a (grrr) ground rule double, and a 2-run shot by Manny. Bullpen continued to scare, though no runs were surrendered.

Today the Sox try to improve their record against the BJ's to 4-7. Bronson Arroyo versus Roy Halladay. Media and blogger types like to call him Doc Halladay. Seriously, does anyone in baseball actually call him "Doc"? Does he like the title/nickname? The Original Doc Holiday actually had a doctorate, having graduated from dental school back in 1872. Despite his reputation as a gunslinger, he practiced dentistry throughout the entirety of his short adulthood, dying of TB in 1887, at the age of 36. One of Holiday's "close friends" was a prostitute by the name of "Big Nose Kate". They had a falling out, when she drunkenly signed an affadavit saying he was guilty of stagecoach robbery; this led to the whole OK Corral thing. Maybe this was all in "Tombstone" and so I am the only person not to know any of it.

Anyway, Roy Halladay's real name is "Harry Leroy Halladay". I like that more than "Doc".


  1. EVERYONE in Toronto calls him Doc. I'm not sure that they all even know his fake real first name. It's just Doc this and Doc that.

  2. I am outraged. If I were Halladay, I would most definitely go bt Harry. Harry Halladay - that has a nice ring.